July 18, 2010

Evening tour at Cliff Palace -- super!

Cliff Palace, Mesa Verde National Park

Image by parks_traveler via Flickr

Last night we fell in love with Cliff Palace (Mesa Verde) all over again! The 7p.m. tour is limited to about 20 people and the guide is "in character".  Our step back in time was to about 1920-1930. It was delightful -- cooler temps than daytime, no crowds, very interesting ranger/guide.  Before the tour our group of 5  had supper at the Metate Room at Far View, and the wait staff did a lovely job of service within  a time deadline.

I love the increased opportunities for enoyng Mesa Verde this year.  New long hikes to different sites. The evening tour.  Wonderful additions to Mesa Verde!

We can almost ignore the road work that federal stimulus money is payng for.  The new road is super -- and will be complete soon. Being patient is important.

So even if you have been to Mesa Verde before -- it is worth seeing it again!! Open all year, by the way -- just like we are at Sundance Bear Lodge.

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