May 6, 2010

Archaeology = fun + learning for all ages

View of Mesa Verde from the north, May 2007.

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When you visit Mesa Verde, you are walking back in time to about 1200-1300 AD.  Did you ever wonder what it would be like to have discovered part of these cultural sensations from our continental history?  If so, you need to know about Crow Canyon Archaeological Center  adjacent to Cortez, CO.  This non-profit does research, educational programs, lectures and more. AND  they encourage visitors to the area to join them in the exploration!  Here is a web site where you can learn all about the special educational opportunities that exist here in the 4 Corners.  If you are bringing the family along on the trip to Mesa Verde,  Crown Canyon might be just the ticket to get your children/teens fascinated with "the rest of the story". 

The Anasazi Heritage Center at McPhee Lake and near Dolores is another youth-friendly spot.  I would recommend a stop there before going to Mesa Verde, and then everyone will get more benefit from the whole experience. Here is a BLM site that will introduce you to the Native Americans of centuries ago

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