February 26, 2010

Allow me to introduce myself

Cliff Palace at Mesa Verde National Park, CO.

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My husband Bob and I moved to what's called Mesa Verde Country in 1997 in order to orchestrate our midlife crisis.  No use being over taken by events -- when you can have a hand in the design of those events! We are Bob and Susan Scott from Chicago, Denver and San Francisco Bay Area. After 30+ years in CA which included college, military and work careers, we decided to move on.

 We bought a lovely vacation home with log cabin and barn on 86 acres just north of Mancos, CO and transformed  it into a bed and breakfast that we call Sundance Bear Lodge.  We are open all year, which helps set us apart from others in the area. 

So we have been having fun for 13 years.  Our resident family changes from time to time but always includes a cat or two or three, dogs and horses.  Morris and JD are the current house cats, and Morris adopts everyone who stays in the lodge building.  Chester and Oreo are the dogs.  The Australian Sheperd mix Chester is about 11 now, so he is starting to slow down -- still very smart but less likely to go along a guest's hikes about the property.    Oreo is the younger Border Collie we dopted -- she's about 5 or 6.  She is quick to bark and she loves to chase cars.  Oh well, she isn't a smart Border Collie!  The 2 mares, Tessa and Fiona,  are patiently waiting for Bob and me to have time to ride them. They have plenty of pasture space to roam, so life is pretty good.

Our B&B  provides choices to our guests. We offer 2 B&B rooms in the lodge -- a log cabin that will sleep 4-- and a guest house that sleeps 8-10.  From the front porch of the lodge, the hot tub and the decks of the log cabin the view is Mesa Verde National Park.  This is a huge park, and in summer, when all exhibits are open, a visit takes a whole day or more.  It is the only park dedicated to human culture -- all the rest are spectacular natural sites.  Mesa Verde is one of the places that everyone in the world should see before they die -- just like the Grand Canyon.  If you plan the trip well, it can include both of these amazing parks!  Take a look at  the www.GrandCircle.org start planning this summer's vacation!

On my next addtition to this conversation, I will gather up some photos and show you just how lovely the 4 Corners region of southwest Colordo is.  Right now we are buried in snow. This  winter brought more snow (so far!) than we have seen in any of our 13 years. The really old timers tell us "this is what winter used to be like -- this is the old normal..."  Well, the ranchers and farmers and vinters will be happy to have the water come spring and summer.  Our territory is described as high desert, so water is precious.

The towns here are Cortez, Dolores, Mancos, Durango. There are days when the 4 Corners is still a slice of the Old West, like when the horse and rider wander into a downtown bar during July Mancos Days!  With miles and miles of national forest to enjoy, folks who love to bike, hike, horseback ride have lots of wide open space to enjoy.  (As a comparison the population of our county is less than the suburb we left behind in California all those years ago.)  About 3/4 of the land in Montezuma County is in public ownership or tribal ownership --national park, monument, forest, city and state parks, Ute Mountain Ute lands.

Come visit! You can fall in love again! Bring the kids, bring the dog, and bring your horse!




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