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We had a friend in this independent film festival last year; 'tis a great event March 3-7 -- so it is going to happen NOW! . Think about a visit to... Read more
Image via Wikipedia The Melodrama will be in Durango this summer at the Strater!! Old fashioned belly-laughs galore! Lots of entertainment this spring, too. http://www.henrystratertheatre.com/ The theater is part... Read more
Image via Wikipedia My husband Bob and I moved to what's called Mesa Verde Country in 1997 in order to orchestrate our midlife crisis.  No use being over taken... Read more
Image by Dallas1200am via FlickrMesa Verde Related articles by Zemanta Mesa Verde National Park (apostcardaday.blogspot.com) Mesa Verde Colorado: In search of a vanished Indian civilisation (telegraph.co.uk)... Read more