August 22, 2011

Plantations' Majesty a Short Distance from New Orleans

Wilderness.JPGEvery once in a while we get a day off and in an even rarer circumstance we get out of town.  Don't misunderstand there are plenty of afternoons we take some time to enjoy all the wonderful things New Orleans has to offer but we rarely get to get in the car and go.  This Wednesday as part of the August lull we decided to head up the river road to check out the plantations we have never had a chance to visit.  Whole most of our guests stop at Oak Alley  Plantation and Laura Plantation (both fascinating for very different reasons, Oak Alley is right out of Gone with the Wind while Laura is more Caribbean in feel and color and the docents are descendents of the owners who were Creole so it more complex from a sociological perspective) and decided to visit San Francisco, St. Josephs and Evergreen Plantations.  All of them are less than 70 minutes from the inn along the road.  San Francisco has costumed guides who are knowledgeable and we learned all about the owner who thought he was just making a quick stop to introduce his young German bride to his father to find his father on his deathbed and suddenly the owner of a 300 acre plantation.  The indoor renovation is spectacular and gives you a real feel of what life was like them.  The school house and slave quarters are intact as is an old inventory list of the slaves.  We then took a $1.00 ferry across the Mississippi to the other side and visited the other two plantations.  The grove pictured above is from Evergreen which is still a working sugar cane farm and the grove goes out to the field not the house.  With all of the homes so close you could get a sens of what life was like back in the mid 1800's.  We even had fried boudin balls and gumbo for lunch sitting in a roadside eatery which we were sharing with the director Quentin Tarentino  and his production crew apparently scouting locations.  The old South and New Hollywood all in an hours drive away.