October 9, 2011

Falling leaves and pumpkins

Autumn is my favorite season!  Northfield is a beautiful place to be this time of year with it's tree lined streets and charming, riverfront downtown.  I love going for walks through the college campuses and in the Carleton arboretum.  These are the some of the nicest days of the year to get away from the everyday and spend some time enjoying the calming serenity of a small town. 
The Fireside Orchard is open for business!  We also have a couple of new restaurants: The Ole Store (reopened and remodled) and the Tokyo Grill where you can get fresh, delicious sushi for at very reasonable prices.  If you haven't tried Pan Pan yet they are serving up the unusual combination of Thai specialties and Mexican fare.  Works for me!  Chapati and the Tavern are always great choices for casual dining, and Fermentations is a wonderful destination for gourmet, french style cuisine creatively prepared with fresh, local meats and produce.
The Magic Door has just celebrated it's tenth anniversary this September and continues to offer great hospitality, beautiful rooms and tasty breakfasts.  We hope to see you soon!!