April 12, 2011

Fresh Air!

Finally!  Spring is in the air!  The season officially begins for me when Carleton's arboretum features it's annual spread of little purple flowers and when you can run the trails without coating your shoes in squishy mud. 

It's time to enjoy the outdoor patio at the Cow and stroll along the river walk looking for clusters of baby ducks swimming in the Cannon.  Time to stash the mittens and swap our winter boots for some less confining footwear.

Northfield comes alive this month with a variety of entertainment options.  The Cow and the Tavern are featuring some great live music with artists such as Sasha Mercedes, Allison Ray, Area 51, the Chris Silver Band, and many more.  Theater productions include The Northfield Arts Guild's rendition of William Inge's "Dark at the Top of the Stairs" as well as the 6th Annual Very Short Play Festival at the end of the month.  We've got numerous gallery openings, concerts and lectures at the colleges, and the 50th Annual Great Northfield, MN Book Raid (a must for anyone who loves used book sales.)

The Magic Door is opening it's windows and enjoying that brief period when we can survive without heat or air conditioning!   It's short lived, so be sure to plan your Spring getaway before the buds turns to leaves and the 70's give way to summer heat and humidity.  Embrace the fever!

For a complete listing of April entertainment, please check out my website.