March 7, 2011


Well, at least we can be sure that winter will end eventually.  It always does.
But whatever the onset of Spring looks like, it's always an occasion to celebrate. 
Northfield has a variety of entertainment options this month:  Theater productions, a women's film festival, concerts, live music, lectures; even a dance party at the Northfield Arts Guild.  Check out some jazz at the Cow, or head to the middle school to catch the "Rock and Roll Revival", an energetic, musical retrospective. 

There's lots to do, but of course, simply booking a cozy room at the Magic Door and spending some alone time with your significant other is always an enticing option for yet another chilly night in this endless Minnesota winter.  Take advantage of the remaining fireplace opportunities before we (happily) move on to barbecue season.

For a complete list of March events and entertainment, check out my website: