December 5, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Don't miss Northfield's  12th annual Winter Walk on Thursday, December 9th from 9-5 pm.  Enjoy our beautiful downtown by candlelight!  Stroll through the shops (which will all be staying open late), dine at local restaurants and enjoy a festive night of caroling, horse-drawn wagon rides, storytelling, luminaries, sparkling lights and holiday decorations and general good spirits.  Although this winter time gathering has been a favorite with the locals for years now, we love to have out of town visitors join in the fun and celebrate the season in our lovely city.  Have a warming mug of tea or hot chocolate, or a fortifying glass of wine or beer at the Magic Door before you bundle up and head downtown, then thaw out upon your return by melting in front of the fireplace or soaking in a soothing whirlpool.  We'll provide some complimentary champagne and truffles to enhance your celebration. 

And don't forget New Year's!  It falls on a weekend this year and the Magic Door is providing some extra amenities to help see off the old year and welcome the new!!  Friday night guests will receive a complimentary bottle of champagne in their rooms.  Starting at 6:00 there will be appetizers, wine and beer available in the dining room. Later on, we'll indulge in some decadent desserts and a maybe a midnight toast??  Socialize with your innkeeper and the other guests, head out and about in town, or hibernate in your room.  The only plan is to relax, have fun, and enjoy the evening!!  (without having to drive anywhere or deal with the crowds!)
Saturday morning we will have a later breakfast accompanied by mimosas if you're still in the sipping mode.  Later in the day, if you stay another night, there will be popcorn and a big crock of chili to sustain you through the Bowl games or whatever else you have planned for the start of 2011.  Maybe a hike in the arboretum??   Maybe a long nap??  Cuddle up with your honey and watch a movie??  Whatever you do, The Magic Door is a perfect place spend the Holiday weekend.  Happy New Year!!