November 28, 2011

Winter is cool

So far it is, anyway.  Of course, it doesn't officially start until December 22, but as soon as those Thanksgiving leftovers disappear from the fridge, the happy anticipation of more Holiday cheer is accompanied by the inevitable resignation that cold and snow will soon be in the forecast.  Oh well!  Some of us love winter.... at least for the first couple of months... or weeks??  It's festive!  It's cozy!  It's... well... it's the season before Spring. 
Why not celebrate with a fun and festive road trip to Northfield??
The top ten reasons to plan a getaway in this lovely little town are:
10)  It's not very far away and it's easy to get to
 9)  The unique shops and gifts that you won't find elsewhere
 8)  The quaint, picturesque downtown that is twinkling with xmas lights and exuding small town holiday cheer
 7)  relatively abundant, free parking
 6)  a river runs through it!
 5)  We have a huge arboretum
 4)  Local theater, music and special events
 3)  Friendly locals
 2)  nice little independent restaurants and pubs
 1)  The Magic Door B&B!!!  (of course!)
In case you aren't yet convinced, check out my website for some specials and incentives and don't forget to look for the Secret Deal of the Month..... 

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