February 25, 2010


The Great Sno-Bear Biathlon, A race from the bi-gone era is back again, shooting sports and cross-country skiing, this is a timed race March 6th Adults and Jr.14-17ys. of age must have hunters safety. 5 stations to shoot at 5 shots at each station. 7 miles course. must bring 22 single shot rifle and xc-skis ,ammunition provided must carry rifle on back.  lunch on the grounds.  March 7th kids biathlon 10-13 yrs. of age.  5 stations, 3 shots at each station, ammunition and firearms at each station.  1st. and 2nd. & 3rd places will be awarded medals and a traveling trophy will go to the first place finisher in each category.BiathListInnJZmarv.JPG