November 2010 Archives

Image via Wikipedia Cave-In-Rock is on the Ohio River Scenic Byway and on the day tours The Irish Inn designs for visitors from all over the world.  Said to have... Read more
Imagine a beautiful feasting hall for your wedding, special stay, or holiday this December.  The Irish Inn bed and breakfast in the Shawnee National Forest is ready to receive, and... Read more
Larry Sidwell, innkeeeper of Sidwell & Friends B&B in Mt. Vernon, Illinois, acquired this painting of an Elizabethan Nobleman. He very generously sold it on to us at The Irish... Read more
This Celtic Knot stained glass window is in The Irish Inn in the Shawnee National Forest. It was created by innkeeper Brian Marshall McCreery under the tutelage and with stained... Read more
The Irish Inn has hosted guests from all 50 states and 36 foreign countries, but it is very much rooted in Southernmost Illinois.  In its tenth year, this bed and... Read more
There are many rock formations and passageways in Southernmost Illinois called "Fat Man Squeeze." Can you guess where this was taken? Here are a few hints:  near water, hear horns,... Read more
So many Americans have to work weekends and even on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day! At The Irish Inn we are celebrating Christmas every day in December so you won't... Read more
Guests from The Iirsh Inn have been enjoying visits to Hogg Hollow Winey in Glendale, Illinois, which is in glorious Pope County not far from Simpson or Eddyvillle.  Our guests... Read more
St. Louis ladies in Southernmost Illinois stayed at The Irish Inn in rural Ozark for a Girlfriends Wine-Away Weekend.  They were intrigued by the logo for Windy Hill Winery, which features... Read more
Image via WikipediaThe next stop on the girlfriend's wine-away (I think we will call it this in future!) was Bella Terra Winery. The ladies were amazed that none of... Read more
A romantic couple at The Irish Inn this weekend enjoyed the peach and raspberry infused chocolate wine from Shawnee Winery in Vienna. Sonya Carlton always puts everyone at ease, and allows... Read more
The ladies on the girlfriend's wine-away at The Irish Inn visited the Garden of the Gods first after a full Irish breakfast. Then they headed to Cache River Basin Winery in Belknap,... Read more
This has been such a beautiful fall in Southernmost Illinois. The Irish Inn's latest bride is also the youngest ever married here, and isn't she beautiful? This photo was taken... Read more