October 2010 Archives

Southernmost Illinois may be the most haunted place in America, and many sites of paranormal activity are located near The Irish Inn.  You can enjoy a haunted holiday with us, and these special stays don't end with... Read more
Image via WikipediaMost guests at The Irish Inn visit The Chocolate Factory in Dixon Springs, Illinois -- even diabetics! Besides the terrapins, 20 flavors of fudge, chocolate toys, and... Read more
The Irish Inn offers "Mancations" featuring boulder climbing, canoeing, kayaking, and rappelling. The Irish Innkeeper has been on most of these adventures, which can be designed for any age and... Read more
Today guests had great fun on the Southern Illinois Wine Trail visiting Cache River Basin, Hogg Hollow, Bella Terra, and Shawnee Winery.  Wines noted by The Irish Inn guests were the... Read more
Talk about athletic! Long before breakfast, two visiting husbands were out jogging from The Irish Inn to Trigg Tower and back (must be more than ten miles). A full Irish... Read more