March 23, 2010

Tea at The Governor's House

Tea lovers have been dropping in to The Governor's House in Hyde Park for afternoon tea for years, small groups, large groups, people celebrating birthdays, parents wanting to introduce their children to this civilized tradition, tourists taking an afternoon break from driving through Vermont's beautiful fall foliage, old friends getting together to chat until well into the evening over their tea and scones. But on Sunday we had a first. It was a group from the University of Vermont who came for the full instructional tea where I sit with them and pour while explaining the traditions and proper etiquette for both guests and hosts. Then they took turns in groups at several small tables pouring for each other. It was a delight for me to have a room full of college-age participants, young men as well as young women,  who were genuinely interested it in all and seemed to genuinely enjoy practicing doing things the "proper" way as much as they did nibbling the sweets. It seems that interest in afternoon tea has been growing and I am glad to see that the younger generation is included.
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