March 23, 2010

Step into a Jane Austen Novel

After several years of Jane Austen weekends each with a specific book as its theme, we're adding a special weekend this summer to the schedule of Persuasion-themed  weekends. For the new weekend, each guest chooses a character to be from any of Austen's writing. We'll see how all these characters interact with each other as we participate throughout the weekend in the kinds of things Jane Austen and her contemporaries (and of course her beloved characters) would have enjoyed at a country house party. There will be carriage rides and cariage driving lessons, archery, riding, croquet, whist, riddles, music, a dinner party, tea, quill pen writing, lavender bottle making, tatting lessons, and a picnic without Colonel Brandon as well as a few prizes and surprises. Bring your own Darcy or maybe you'll meet him across the table or on the croquet lawn. Dressing the part is optional, but do picture yourself arriving at Netherfield as your favorite character, be it  Elizabeth or Emma or Willoughby or Mr Bennet. The door to the grace and elegance of Regency England may not be in Hammersmith after all! But do make haste if you'd like to come hither and attend as only one of each character will be allowed and the guest list is already forming. Persuasion weekends are planned for August 12 - 14 and September 9 - 11, 2011 and January 6 - 8, 2012. The in-character weekend is August 19 - 21.  

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