May 9, 2010

Five Star Guests

Weekend Trail Ride

Image by HandsLive via Flickr

After their visit to Our Father's Haven many guests have blessed us with five star reviews in the guest books in the suites and online reviews. Last weekend we welcomed the Circle W Riders and their horses to our bed and breakfast. Half the group were returning guests while half were new guests. We have hosted groups that have had great times of fellowship but the Circle W Riders rode the trails for hours and even enjoyed a three hour canoe trip on the Withlacoochee River. 

Each morning they filed into the dining room for early coffee, went for a trail ride and returned to  feast on a hot homemade breakfast. Mid-day was spent gathered on the screened porch, chatting while rocking in the rocking chairs and sipping a cold drink. Some of the group occasionally snuck in an occasional nap.

 A second trail ride each day took advantage of  cool of the forest in the late afternoon.

 Each member of the group brought food to share for the evening meal.

Circle W Riders, I believe we enjoyed your visit almost as much as you did.

"Circle W. Where the women are great, the horses are cool and the lobsters are lazy."
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