February 25, 2010

Ethridge Fruit Farm and Romantic Getaway

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The "Farm" is truly a Romantic Getaway and beautiful in the Spring(and all year); I was going to tell you about our fruit but the freeze took care of this last year.The next fruit to be harvested is the Mayhaws - they make the world famous jelly - which I ship all over the country! Speaking of fruit - after the Mayhaws - then in the middle of May we harvest Blueberries. The Cabin on Blueberry Hill sits right next to the field. In July - August, pick muscadines, figs and pears(if we beat the birds) in September, we have 4 varieties of persimmons and October - December , you can pick Satsumas,Lemons, Kumquats and sugar cane. Make your reservations at the Bed & Breakfast and come pick and enjoy the country.
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