March 10, 2011

March and April

Wow, the March rains have been quick and much needed. The turkeys are out in masses and starting to nest. We now have 5 deer that visit the back pastures, and the wrens are busy in the bird houses. The month has began with some great rides and a new trail being created for the enjoyment of many.  ( Thank you to all that helped. ) The team ( General and Shylah ) have been doing wonderful with learning to pull a wagon, so that we won't be having to pull with the truck for much longer. Horse drawn wagon rides will be next.  April has a busy start with another couple planning their wedding, western themed and dancing in the barn :) . Spring cleaning is in full force with Mr. Bill painting fencing and stalls, and the regular winter clean-up of the outside from the winter rest. The pool will soon be warm enough for most folks to brave a swim, and the fire pit has been getting a workout with the grill top for cooking. Please visit us on our web page and learn what local activities are available.
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