November 8, 2011

I'll Bring a Cheesecake Home for Christmas, You can count on me!


With the holidays fast approaching we reminisce over our favorite holiday songs,                                         but here is a brand new version of an old favorite!

I'll bring a Cheesecake home for Christmas,

You can count on me,

Please just let me know,

Which flavor tickles your fan-cy!


Two cold December nights- will find me,

At Clamber Hill -where the firelight gleams,

And I'll leave there with a Cheesecake,

And it won't be just in my dreams!

* to the tune of "I'll Be Home for Christmas"

Clamber Hill Inn is featuring a new special package this holiday season.  Anyone staying two nights at the Inn between December 5th and December 25th gets to take an 8 inch diamter gourmet cheesecake baked by Innkeeper Mark Ellis home with them for the holidays! 

Life doesn't get any better than that.

The Clamber Hill innkeepers in Petersham, MA have a long history with Cheesecake, and it goes all the way back to the first Christmas after we married.

When giving the gift of clothes at Christmas time, one always gambles that they will fit, and often they do not.   So when my family made the annual pilgrimage to the local shopping mall to exchange  sizes, my husband Mark, not interested in woman's apparel disappeared.  After shopping was complete, a search of the mall turned up the missing newlywed in a bookstore where he was purchasing "The Joy of Cheesecake".  All things considered, not a bad place to find a missing husband.

Why the interest in cheesecakes?  Mark's mother baked fabulous cheesecakes, but she refused to share her recipe with her daughters or her sons, even as a Christmas or Wedding presents.   So one upsmanship being what it is, my husband Mark set out to develop his own cheesecake recipe that would be better than his Mom's and the book, the "Joy of Cheesecake" by Dana Bovbjerg & Jeremy Iggers was a perfect place to start.

The authors claim that cheesecakes are the most sensuous of all desserts.  And OK all you chocoholics out there, maybe it takes a Chocolate Cheesecake to stake the claim to the most sensuous of all desserts, but not to worry that recipe is in this book too!

They even claim that the struggle to make the perfect cheesecake is the most noble struggle in the human race.  Well, Ok, maybe they are exaggerating but then again maybe not.  My husband certainly bought in.

That January, he baked 10 cheesecakes.  Yes 10 cheesecakes in one month, experimenting with different recipes to get it "perfect".  Heavy, light, New York style, with cream cheese versus  Neufchatel, Ricotta or cottage cheese (yuck!), different crusts, different typical USMC fashion (did I mention he was an active duty Marine Lieutenant at the time) he marched through the various recipes and succeeded in creating a better cheesecake than his Mom's by the end of the month.  What a delicious month that was but I gained at least 20 lbs and needed to go shopping again!

When Clamber Hill started our small restaurant in Central Massachusetts, Cheesecakes became a favorite dessert, especially for holiday parties.  We now have ten different flavors of cheesecakes.  And this year, as a holiday special, we are offering a free cheesecake to anyone that books two nights at the inn between December 5th and December 25th.  Let us know, which flavor tickles your fancy when you check in and you will leave taking a fresh 8 inch diameter Clamber Hill Cheesecake, which serves between 8 to 10 people, home for the Christmas holidays!

A Slice of White Chocolate Raspberry Cheesecake!

Merry Christmas from Innkeepers Mark & Deni Ellis!

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