October 23, 2011

Find an intimate inn and spend the weekend with long walks and personal talks

The title of this blog was found on another blog "SHEKNOWS/ loving you" by Vicki Clinebell.   This innkeeper happened across her blog "Weekend Getaways on a Budget" when searching for the definition of a romantic getaway.  One of her three suggestions was to "find an intimate inn and spend the weekend with long walks and personal talks".

The elements of romance
Chocolate covered strawberries and champagne, elements of romance

So let's explore the concept.  First intimate inn.  A small inn or at least an inn that feels small like Clamber Hill.  Even though Clamber Hill was build as an historic summer mansion with 9600 sq ft, the inn operates with only five spacious guestrooms.  That means that even when the inn is full, guests often feel like they are the only ones there.  Intimate.

Intimate can also mean cozy or comfortable.  As opposed to hotel rooms, even high priced ones, the guest rooms at Clamber Hill are furnished with original artwork, a blend of comfortable and antique furniture and CD players with light jazz and classical music.  Each room was uniquely created with guest comfort in mind.

The Oriental Room at Clamber Hill
The Oriental Room, a popular choice for Romantic Get-aways!

A lot of hotels advertise romantic getaway packages, but when you see pictures of the rooms, there is nothing there to spark the emotions.  At Clamber Hill, the working fireplaces in the guest rooms add that emotional spark!  There is nothing like falling asleep with the fire glowing comfortably warm at the foot of the bed.

The Nautical Room at Clamber Hill
The Nautical Room, cozy and intimate

Next let's explore "long walks".   Along a beach or through the woods, long walks in solitude with your sweetheart enjoying the quiet, beautiful backdrop nature provides, are romantic.  At Clamber Hill, the only problem is deciding where to walk.  Out the back door into Harvard Forest, through one of the 50 Gates to the Quabbin Reservoir, or even up Mt. Monadnock for a sunrise spectacular!  The options for scenic beauty are boundless in the North Quabbin are of Central Massachusetts.  And you can walk for hours without running in to anyone else.

Clamber Hill's gateway to Harvard Forest
The perfect place for long walks

Then the third component is "personal talks".  How often do you really talk with  your loved one?  You spend time together but usually with the kids or with friends or racing around doing things or watching TV.  The list of interferences is endless.

Cocktails or Brandy Fireside at Clamber Hill
Relax by the fire with a Clamber Hill cocktail

At Clamber Hill the interferences are reduced to a minimum.  There are no phones ( your cell phone may or may not work), there are no TVs.  There is space and time and beautiful surroundings to enjoy with your loved one.  Enjoy a romantic candlelit dinner or a cocktail in front of the fireplace.

The Wintergarden at Clamber Hill
Enjoy a romantic dinner at Clamber Hill

To make it easy for our guests, Clamber Hill offers a Romantic Getaway Package. It is a two night, one dinner special allowing you to escape for a few days and enjoy a little time alone.  And it fits most folks budgets.  You don't have to spring for airfare to some exotic foreign country to find a beautiful place to spend the weekend.  Clamber Hill has had guests come from as close as 5 miles away yet say they felt like they were in a world apart.  A romantic world apart!

Nights are special at Clamber Hill
Nights are special at Clamber Hill
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