February 1, 2011

White Winter Rafting better known as Snow Tubing

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In our younger days we enjoyed white water rafting.  We've rafted on rivers in Georgia, Tennessee, West Virginia, New York and Austria.  And yes we were in rafts, not tubes.  We've also done tubing on some of the more gentle rivers but we've never done tubing on frozen water (although the Inn River in Austria was pretty darn cold).  Part of that may be that we lived in South Carolina and the water didn't freeze all that often.  But we've been in New England for thirteen years now and I just learned about Snow Tubing this year.  It looks like great fun and I've added it to my "Bucket List"!

After learning about the sport, I needed to find out where you could do it.  I was pleased to discover that there are at least five places in Massachusetts to go Snow Tubing or as I call it "White Winter Rafting".   And compared to skiing it is an inexpensive day of fun!

Snow Tubing at Nashoba Valley

Just north of  Boston is Amesbury Sport Park in Newburyport, where for $30 you can tube all day!  Then moving west there is Nashoba Valley in Littleton MA, which has fifteen lanes and four lifts.  $25 buys two hours of tubing.  A little further south in Shrewsbury MA, there's Ski Ward where you can tube for two hours for only $22 and if you're active duty military you get 50% off.  Then  to the west of Petersham, where our Inn is located, there is  Berkshire East in Charlemont with the Beastly Tubing Park open 10 am to 4 pm weekends and the whole week of winter vacation and finally Butternut Ski Area way out in  Great Barrington has a seven lane tubing park open on the weekends.

Snow tubes

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Snow tubing is a winter sport that requires no experience and is fun for all ages.  Most places have an age limit of six or older and a height requirement of 42" or taller.  The unlike skiing, the snow tubing tickets include the equipment. So if you've never done it, come to Massachusetts and give it a try this winter.  Might as well have some fun with all this white stuff we've got laying around in New England this year!

Make a weekend or mid-week mini vacation out of it this February by staying at Clamber Hill which is centrally located between Nashoba Valley Ski area and Berkshire East.  Don't miss a great opportunity to try something new and exciting this winter!

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