December 21, 2011

No Pop Tarts Allowed!

What's Your Poison?

If you have stayed at The Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast or seen our online marketing you have seen our slogan.  

We have also tried to let you know that bed and breakfasts, unlike most hotels, do not serve gas station coffee! You know the coffee of which I speak, that sitting on the burner all day-heartburn inducing-foul taste on your tongue-black tar. The Claiborne House breakfast blend is a Dark Sumatra (rich and full in body but not bitter and pungent and low on acid) and you can have more than one cup, so FILLER UP OLD SPORT!

So all that to say:
Experience the difference at a Bed and Breakfast!
Real cream or half and half ,and you won't have to drink from a paper cup!

The Claiborne House Bed and Breakfast is 15 miles to three exits off The Blue Ridge Parkway.  We are located at the half-way point of this beloved road in Virginia, exit at MP 121.  We were awarded a Certificate of Excellence from Trip Advisor - click here to see our certificate.

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