June 18, 2010

There is so much to do at Carters Lake and the North Georgia Mountain Area!

Thumbnail image for Carter's Lake Map.gifdrinks on the deck.JPGAutumn Nest B&B is a romantic getaway offering as many activities as you'd like to do or a chance to just get lost in nature...together.


Autumn Nest B&B is located in the beautiful wooded mountains overlooking the pristine shores of Carters Lake...Georgia's best kept secret!  You'll find some of the best boating, fishing and just plain relaxing here.  We're a short five minutes to Carters Lake Beach and Picnic areas, or just ten minutes to the marina and two nearby boat ramps.  From our location you can see the near and far mountains of Georgia, North Carolina and Tennessee!  Come find nature at its best!


Nearby you will find Ellijay to the north and Jasper to the south.  The city of Dalton is west and Dahlonega is to the east.  A bit further north you'll be in Blue Ridge, almost to the North Carolina line.  In the nearby area there is a wide variety of shops, great local restaurants, museums, historic battlefields, ruins and so, so much more.


Carters Lake

Carters Lake is one of the most scenic lakes in the Southeast. It embraces a spectacular tract of foothills scenery in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Georgia. Its sparkling waters and rugged shoreline provide a beautiful surrounding for a variety of recreational opportunities.

Recreational Activities:

Picnicking, boating, hiking, biking, waterfall viewing, bird watching and nature trails, fishing, hunting, and camping.

The lake is named for 19th century nearby property owner Farrish Carter. Carters Dam is the highest earth-filled dam east of the Mississippi River - a whopping 445 feet high! It is one of only a few "reverse dams" in the United States, where water flows down pipes to generate power during the day, and is pumped back up the generators at night to recycle the water for the next day's use.

Carters Lake, a peaceful destination for family fun by the water, has many park areas that make it an ideal location for nature lovers. These designated areas have been developed by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to provide visitors with places to relax on the lake's beach, areas to camp, and other recreational activities. Six public boat ramps are available to boaters. The lake took 15 years to construct and was finished in 1977 after damming the Coosawattee River that runs into Georgia from Tennessee.

Anglers flock to Carters Lake for largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, hybrid bass, striped bass, walleye, crappie, bream, and catfish. The Georgia Department of Natural Resources actively stocks the lake with walleye, striped bass, and hybrid bass.

Miles of hiking, biking, and nature trails stretch along the lake's shoreline, and gorgeous sloping hills provide a perfect, natural setting away from it all. Look to the north and east parts of
Carters Lake to enjoy beautiful mountain views beyond the dam. No private docks or development obstruct the lake's naturally scenic shoreline; this is truly one of Georgia's best kept secrets. Exciting nature hikes abound along Carters Lake, including the Oak Ridge Trail, which runs lakeside and finishes near a creek. Another great trail in the area is Tumbling Waters which takes hikers to a gorgeous waterfall, one of the few falls not hidden underneath the lake. Even the casual hiker can take a walk on the Hidden Pond Songbird Trail, an easy hike that takes visitors to a beaver pond. If the most scenic route is desired, take a stab at the Carters Lake Nature Trail itself, which is near the visitor center.

The north central Georgia location of Carters Lake has a rich Native American and Civil War background, with several important historical sites nearby, including the Chief Vann House State Historic Site and several well-preserved Cherokee ruins and plantation homes. Located in nearby Calhoun, New Echota Historic Site is home to the Cherokee nation capital and the first Indian language newspaper.

Several festivals take place throughout the year in the lake's surrounding areas to honor Native American history and heritage. Also nearby is Ellijay, an area famous for its fall apple harvests and home to an Apple Festival complete with apple tasting and orchard tours. Carters Lake is conveniently located about an hour drive from both the busy city of Atlanta and the charming city of Chattanooga, TN.

Although built for flood control and hydroelectric power generation, Carters Lake has become a major recreation destination for boating, fishing, camping, and water sports. Whether visitors come here to fish, camp, hike, bike, or just to enjoy and learn about the deeply historical landscape, Carters Lake will provide genuine outdoor fun for every lake lover.

Carters Lake Facts:

Carters Lake has 3200 surface acres
Carters Lake is more than 450 feet deep
Carters Dam is the tallest earthen dam east of
Mississippi River
Carters Lake
shoreline has no private docks or development along its 62 miles of natural shoreline

The lake is named after Farrish Carter who owned property nearby in the 1800's

Boating at Carters Lake

Boaters visit Carters Lake to enjoy its solitude and scenic beauty.  Whether you're in a powerboat, sailboat, or paddling along the shoreline in a canoe, Carters Lake offers everyone an enjoyable boating experience.  Pontoon boats, kayaks and tubs are available for rent nearby.

Carters Lake has seven public boat ramps for easy access.  Boat ramps are located at Damsite, Doll Mountain, Woodring Branch and Ridgeway.  The closest ramps to Autumn Nest B&B are the Damsite and Doll Mountain.  Both are 10 minutes away.  The reregulation pool also has a boat launch located near the powerhouse off old Hwy 411. All boaters launching are required to pay a $4 day use fee or purchase an annual day use pass.  No fee is required to launch at the reregulation pool ramp.

Explore Gilmer County

Explore Gilmer County where the magic of our environment will entrance you, the warmth of our people will captivate you and the past meets the present in perfect harmony. Gilmer County is known for many things: beautiful, lushly forested mountains; crisp, fresh apples; meadows blanketed in wildflowers; incredible outdoor opportunities on land and on water; a serene way of life; and communities that welcome newcomers and visitors with open arms. Come...experience the magic of Gilmer County.

Nestled in the foothills of the legendary Appalachian Mountain Range, Gilmer County is a paradise of forests, rivers and streams, historic ambience and Southern charm. While away the days on a front-porch rocking chair as you gaze upon hillsides blanketed with wildflowers or stroll the quaint streets lined with homes that are the gracious grand dames of a bygone era. Shopping galore, fine dining, a seemingly endless array of recreational activities, our world-renowned Georgia Apple Festival - all within a physical world that will capture your heart.


"Pick" Ellijay and Gilmer County as your family vacation or a romantic weekend getaway destination and you're likely to get a taste of at least one of the many varieties of fresh, crisp apples that are grown here. This 432-square-mile, forest-covered county in North Georgia's Blue Ridge Mountains is Georgia's Apple Capital, which provides our nation with more than 600,000 bushels of apples each year. You can't go wrong with any variety of apple you pick.

Hernando DeSoto, the Cherokee Indian Nation, and the Trail of Tears all have left their marks on Gilmer County. Since those people and events nearly 200 years ago, Gilmer County has seen secession and restoration to the Union, two World Wars and the Great Depression. Apples and tourists have come to Gilmer County's mountains and valleys. Through it all, the mountains and rivers have remained virtually unchanged, providing a sense of permanence and eternal beauty.


We invite you to come visit our area and imerse yourself in nature, history and a slow paced lifestyle that the south is known for!


Visit our website at   www.autumnnest.info  for more photos and info, or call Claudia today at 239-826-9006.


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