With the winter season just around the corner, skiers all over the nation are rubbing their hands together in anticipation. Icy breezes and winter snows also bring New Mexico's ski season. Although many people do not picture exhilarating slopes when they think of New Mexico, the Santa Fe ski area offers some of the best ski trails in the midwest! If the idea of whizzing through challenging downhill slopes overlooking the beautiful Sangre de Cristo mountains excites you, then here is everything you need to know about skiing in Santa Fe!

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Trails for Skiing in Santa Fe
Usually open by the end of November, the Ski Santa Fe Mountain offers several trails for every experience level. If you are new to skiing, you may find value in participating in the resort's Snow Sport School. Here, you will learn how to enjoy the slopes safely by skis or snowboard!

If you are an experienced skier, you are sure to love the challenging and thrilling slopes scattered throughout the mountain. There are also 7 ski lifts available to transport you to your favorite trails.

Ski Rental in Santa Fe
There are plenty of options for renting everything you need for a successful ski trip throughout Santa Fe. Here are just a couple of our personal favorites.

  • Cottam's Ski Shops: This rental company has been rated New Mexico's favorite family-owned ski shop since 1976. They have achieved this by providing several locations throughout northern New Mexico and supplying only top quality ski equipment. We can guarantee you will be renting only the best through Cottam.
  • Ski Santa Fe Rentals: This rental is located right on the mountain, so you will not have to travel far for your gear. They make your rental experience convenient with a variety of services including overnight rental, storage, and much more. Most of their equipment also comes from well-known brands such as Volkl, Salomon, and K2.

Disc Golf Course
While the mountain is ideal for skiing in Santa Fe, there are also activities available to fall visitors! One of the most popular autumn attractions is the resort's 18-hole disc golf course! This alpine environment course is one of the highest in the world, reaching 11,565 feet above sea level.

From September into the first weeks of October, a chair lift is available to transport guests to the higher points of the course. After October 10th, they can only be reached by hiking. This also provides a perfect opportunity to enjoy Santa Fe's beautiful fall weather and scenery. Be sure to bring plenty of snacks, water, and sunscreen with you to the course!

Check out the map of one of the world's highest disc golf courses now!

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