The MidCoast region is Maine is known for its gorgeous rocky coasts and delicious food. The spot has become a haven for tourists, artists, and photographers that want to experience the area's natural beauty. The Pentagoet Inn Bed and Breakfast overlooks the Castine harbor and gives you a taste of life in the MidCoast.

The Castine Dining Experience

The Pentagoet provides an intimate dining experience with home-cooking. Candlelight flickers off the antique dishes and silverware as you are served a fine meal using the best ingredients.

All ingredients are harvested fresh from the local farms and the coastal waters. Lovers of seafood and lobster rave about the bouillabaisse. The Pentagoet restaurant also serves specialty meats, as well as vegan and gluten-free options, so their mouth-watering creations are available for all to enjoy.

Additionally, the Baron Pub and Wine bar is cozy spot with a robust list of wines and specialty cocktails. Adorned with comfy sofas, diverse antiques, and creative art pieces, this bar has even been shown off on the Travel Channel.

MidCoast Activities

The Pentagoet Inn Bed and Breakfast is located in a gorgeous seaside village, and many guests simply prefer to relax and enjoy the Castine's local flavor of shops and beautiful views.

For the more outgoing, there's no shortage of adventures to be had. There are a number of local beaches, notably Backshore Beach with its tidal swimming hole.

If you're going to stay in the MidCoast region, you might also want to check out the various options for boat tours. Old Quarry in Stonington offers tours to the lighthouse, a search for adorable puffin birds, and a tour around the archipelago.

This area also features many hiking, kayaking, and canoeing activities.

If you prefer to stay indoors, both the Wilson Museum and the Castine Historical Society offer a look into the history of the area. Local art galleries also offer an eclectic selection of the art inspired by this unique coastal community.

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