Enjoy Local Cuisine at Cheyenne Restaurants

Cheyenne restaurants are a true tribute to the local culture and cuisine. The common factor is that the restaurants alter the cooking style to incorporate the local flavors. BBonline recommends the following restaurants in Cheyenne.

Poor Richards
2233 E. Lincolnway
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001-5132
(307) 634-5114

Poor Richards is a popular diner in Cheyenne. The locals have rated it as the most preferred among Cheyenne restaurants. Head out of your Cheyenne Bed and Breakfast and treat yourself to the most perfectly cooked steaks in town. The interiors are done up in natural wood. The salad bar is a hot favorite, owing to the homemade bacon dressing and other fresh items.

Snake River Grill
115 W. 15th St.
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82001-4564
(307) 634-7625

Venture out from your Cheyenne Inn to get a taste of some grilled food and home brewed beer. The Snake River Grill does Cheyenne restaurants proud. The atmosphere is set to make the guests feel comfortable. The menu sticks to the basics but serves scrumptious dishes. The restaurant is famous for its brisket served with fries. The BBQ chicken topping is the most ordered pizza. Come what may, make it a point to visit this restaurant and experience the perfect symphony between the local cuisine and the original menu.

1507 Stillwater Ave.
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82009-7358
(307) 778-6068

Italian cuisine is a regular feature among Cheyenne restaurants, but if you're looking for a true Italian experience, head over to L'Osteria. The chef at this restaurant is at the top of his game. His expertise in Italian cuisine is unmatched. The menu features all Italian specialties like clams, pastas and lasagnas. This is a great place for the entire family to enjoy a well balance and delicious meal. The prices at L'Osteria are reasonable.

1745 Dell Blvd.
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82009-4953
(307) 432-6803

If you're in the mood for Mexican food, head straight to Guadalajara. The restaurant serves the usual tacos, burritos and salsa, but look out for the innovative dishes on the menu. The chef at this restaurant tries to experiment with Mexican cuisine and offers dishes that are a treat to the food fanatics. The restaurant also serves seafood that will blow you way. Make sure to ask for the chef's recommendations when you visit.

Albany Restaurant
1506 Capital Ave.
Cheyenne, Wyoming 82009-4524
(307) 638-3507

The owner's passion for food is directly reflected in the menu of Albany Restaurant. It has a loyal customer list due to its world class service and local hospitality. The food served at Albany is reflective of the local flavors and pays tribute to the cuisine of Cheyenne. Authentic dishes made in the traditional ways and served in large portions distinguish Albany from all the other restaurants in Cheyenne. The juicy burger is the most ordered dish on the menu. Other delights include seafood grill and barbecued chicken and meat.