Lake Geneva Restaurants: Delicious Coffee and Ice Cream

Lake Geneva Restaurants offer an array of dining options, but who can resist the perfect mug of dark roasted coffee combined with the rich, chilled flavors of ice cream? This is exactly what you'll find while visiting Lake Geneva, and then some. Local, unique and flat out fun, these delightful restaurants top BBOnline's list for best coffee and ice cream in Lake Geneva. 

Malt Bar & Dessert Lounge
221 Broad Street
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin 53147
(262) 248-8484

A charming atmosphere, the Malt Bar & Dessert Lounge makes every visitor feel like a local, as the owner welcomes everyone who walks through her doors with a friendly smile and open arms. Beyond the wonderful hospitality, guests can indulge in a fantastic selection of gelatos, sorbets and malts so dense a spoon is required. There is also an array of desserts and handmade chocolate truffles if the sweet tooth is really calling. To wash these delights down, enjoy an espresso, cappuccino or a classic cup of joe. A full coffee bar is at everyone's disposal at Malt Bar & Dessert Lounge. A wonderful stop for coffee or ice cream while staying at a Lake Geneva Bed and Breakfast and looking for a bite in one of the Lake Geneva Restaurants.

Kilwin's Ice Cream & Chocolate
772 W Main St
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin 53147
(262) 248-4400

Kilwin's Ice Cream and Chocolate is a must stop for young and old while visiting Lake Geneva. Although there may be a line, have patience, as the wait is well worth it. Whether choosing a scoop of ice cream, a slice of fudge, a taste of saltwater taffy, caramel apple on a stick or hand crafted chocolate dipped fruit, your taste buds will scream for more at this corner candy store. When enjoying dinner at a Lake Geneva restaurant, it's recommended you skip dessert to enjoy a cup of coffee and a dish of ice cream at Kilwin's Ice Cream and Chocolate.

Pedal & Cup
1722 State Road 120
Springfield, Wisconsin 53176
(262) 995-0333

Pedal & Cup is one of the most unique Lake Geneva Restaurants, that not only offers a delicious cup of coffee and a heavenly helping of ice cream, but provides bike rentals for adults, children and bicycles built for two. Conveniently located off the Wisconsin White River Bike Trail, Pedal & Cup will either give you the sugar high to get your adventure started or provide a quick, delicious stop while exploring Lake Geneva. Lunch options and souvenirs are also available for purchase. Pedal & Cup opens the first weekend of May and closes for season the beginning of October.  

Cafe Gelato
Grand Geneva Resort & Spa
7036 Grand Geneva Way
Lake Geneva, Wisconsin 53147-5105
(262) 248-8811

Cafe Gelato not only has a wonderful hodgepodge of appetizing ice cream, but coffee treats that will tantalize every taste bud. Located within Grand Geneva Resort & Spa, the cafe features both hot and cold caffeinated beverages. Beyond this, and as the name states, Cafe Gelato highlights a fantastic selection of gelatos. Similar to ice cream, gelato is the more creamy, Italian version. Also found in bakery cases are bagels, biscuits, cookies and a medley of fresh pastries. Situated near your Lake Geneva Inn, Cafe Gelato is open early and closes late seven days a week.