See Why Winterplace makes Flat Top a Vacation Destination

Visiting Flat Top is great because there are many things to do, and one attraction is visiting Winterplace Ski resort. Anyone visiting this ski resort will be able to have a fantastic time. Even if you can't ski there are plenty of professional instructors who will teach you the basic techniques and help you to master the slopes.

These attractions should all be within easy reach of your Flat Top Inn property.


Flat Top Winterplace ski resort is one of the most beautiful ski resorts in the country and possibly the world. The whole ski slope is completely natural and this makes it even more beautiful. This is a beautiful winter landscape which can be enjoyed by anyone who visits.


If you're not very good at skiing then you can still enjoy visiting the Winterplace resort. This resort has many well known teachers who will help you to get to grips with skiing. Even if you are good at skiing they can still offer you suggestions to improve your technique and possibly even start winning races.

Different Activities

There are many different winter sports activities which are possible in Winterplace. These include skiing and snowbording. It's also possible for kids to go sledding down the smaller slopes which is great fun for anyone who can't quite master skis just yet. There are even inflatable rubber rings which are good fun for older kids who just want to experience the thrill of skidding down the slope.

Snow tubing is a popular sport which is suitable for anyone. While it is mainly aimed at kids it's also great fun for adults too. They are similar to rubber rings that you would use in a pool. Sit in the ring and push off, then you will go hurtling down the hill at speed. There is also a separate ski lift to make getting to the top of the hill again very easy. You need to purchase a separate ticket for snow tubing. There is also an add-on ticket which can be purchased if you prefer. This will give you the ability to sample snow tubing without spending lots of money; snowtubes are provided.


The Winterplace ski resort is ideal because it's so convenient. There are nine separate ski lifts which means the queues to get to the top are very short. There are also a number of different queues which are suitable for people of differing abilities. Choosing the right slope for you is important because trying to do anything too difficult could put yourself in danger.

The slopes are open every day from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. During weekends and holidays the slopes open at 8 a.m. There are over 90 acres of skiiable areas on the slope. The longest ski slope at the resort is the intermediate slope which is one-and-a-quarter miles long.

Lots of Snow

The ski resort is so popular because it has some of the best snow for skiing anywhere in the state. It's also possible to check snow reports on the Internet before you travel. Reading these reports will help to give you an idea of the conditions out there and what skiing will be like near your Flat Top bed and breakfast.