Tacoma's Best SCUBA Spots

For outdoor enthusiasts vacationing in Washington, one of the best places to visit is Tacoma. Things to do in Tacoma include hiking, camping, biking and wildlife observation, but if you're interested in water activities, there are many places around the city that offer excellent opportunities for swimming, boating, canoeing, snorkeling and scuba diving. Tacoma is a well-known scuba diving destination, and you should spend some time exploring the wonderful underwater world around the city. BBOnline recommends these popular scuba spots in Tacoma.

Titlow Beach Park
6th Avenue
Tacoma, Washington 98406

Titlow Beach Park is one of the more popular recreational destinations in Tacoma. Things to do in this park usually include picnicking, strolling, jogging, biking and swimming, but many locals also use the beach as a launching point for scuba diving. This site has strong currents, and it is advisable that you dive at times when there is no major tidal exchange. The northbound back-eddy along the shores offers a good drift dive if you're able to time your dive correctly. There is an abandoned pier beyond the back-eddy where you can explore pilings and see a variety of sea creatures and plants, including perches, sculpins, shrimps, crabs, sea lemons and plumose anemones. From the pilings, you can drift with the southward current for about 200 to 300 yards and explore an area with huge sandstone ledges. There, you will find octopuses living in the crevices, as well as gumboot chitons, shrimps, crabs and sea lemons.

Many local scuba diving schools bring their students to the Titlow Beach area for training on weekends, so it's best that you go there on a weekday. Showers are available at the park, but they are only functional during summer time. To get to the beach park from your Tacoma Bed and Breakfast, just go towards the western part of the city on 6th Avenue. The avenue will lead you directly to the park.

Puget Sound
Tacoma, Washington 98406

Puget Sound is definitely the best place for scuba diving in Tacoma. Things to do for diving enthusiasts must include exploring some of the well-known diving spots around the waters of Puget Sound. Whether you're a beginner or expert diver, you will find a place in the area that offers the perfect diving environment. The strong currents and warm waters of Puget Sound attract many different species of marine life, resulting in one of the most spectacular underworld spectacles along the west coast. Some of the sea creatures that you can expect to see during your diving trips include octopuses, ratfish, wolf-eels and big skates. There are also rare appearances of 6-gill sharks in the Puget Sound waters. The best places for scuba diving in Puget Sound are the 8-Mile Drift, Blake Island, Day Island, Diamond Knot, Maury Island, Waterman's Wall, Sunrise, Quartermaster Wreck and Tolmie. Some of these places are sites of shipwrecks. If you want to go scuba diving in Puget Sound, you can ask your Tacoma Inn to recommend a good scuba diving center.