The 5 Best Spokane Restaurants

The Spokane restaurants are one of a kind as they offer several cuisines to visitors. If you are visiting Spokane, you should try some of these restaurants. Here are a few recommendations.

1. Steam Plant Grill
159 S. Lincoln
Spokane, WA 99201
(509) 777-3900

This is one of the most unique Spokane restaurants. The Steam Plant Grill as the name may suggest is housed inside a steam plant. You can see the various steam pipes that pass overhead. Apart from its unique interior the food here is truly delicious. The lounge area is another seating option available here. The cream and basil ravioli is to die for and the fish and chips served in a pub style is a good twist on the classic dish. Ask for directions at your Spokane Bed and Breakfast and come to this restaurant either for lunch or for dinner.

2. Clinkerdagger
West 621 Mallon Street
Spokane, WA 99201
(509) 328-5965

Clinkerdagger is one of the oldest of the Spokane restaurants and has been around for more than 34 years. The view from this restaurant is breathtaking with views of the skyline and the Spokane River. This is a great place to go on a romantic date with your loved one. The menu features the Dungeness crab that is roasted to bring out the flavors, the calamari is marinated in buttermilk and fried and the beef tenderloin is another dish that is filled with excellent flavors. The truffle chips and smoked prawns are extremely delicious. You can stop at this restaurant while staying at a Spokane inn.

3. Mizuna Restaurant and Wine Bar
214 N. Howard
Downtown Spokane, WA 99201
(509) 747-2004

The Mizuna Restaurant and Wine Bar features amongst the finest restaurants in town. The building that houses Mizuna Restaurant and Wine Bar is rustic styled with brick walls and wooden floors. The warm lighting adds to the romantic atmosphere here. This place is open from Mondays to Saturdays and is a full service restaurant. Other than the soups and salads, the menu comprises of chicken mozzarella sandwich, Mahi Mahi grilled wrap, sirloin burger and more. Eating at Mizuna Restaurant and Wine Bar will be an unforgettable treat.

4. Luigi’s Italian Restaurant
245 West Main
Spokane, WA 99201
(509) 624-5226

You can never have enough of Italian food at the Luigi’s Italian Restaurant. This dining place has a reputation of serving large portions of extremely delicious food. The risottos are perfectly cooked and drizzled with a secret blend. The chicken and steak are cooked to perfection and taste divine. The pasta comes in different shapes and sizes and is dressed with lip-smacking dressings and sauces.

5. Frank’s Diner
1516 W. 2nd Avenue
Downtown Spokane, WA 99201
(509) 747-8798

Frank’s Diner is a friendly eating place in this part of Spokane. This is the place where the entire family can dine without worry about the damage it is going to cause the wallet. The food is exceptional and the service is warm. Try the pizzas and pastas here or go in for a chicken wings bucket with barbecue sauce.