See Deception Pass State Park while Staying in Anacortes

Deception Pass State Park is the most visited park in Washington. It is a place of distinguished beauty, with old growth forests, soaring cliffs and an abundance of wildlife such as coyotes, elk, muskrats and otters, as well as 174 species of birds. Enjoy relaxing on freshwater and saltwater beaches. The park boasts 77,000 feet of saltwater shoreline and 28,000 feet of freshwater shoreline.

A total of nine islands make up the park. A magnificent suspension bridge over a fjord connects the two most well known islands: Fidalgo and Whidbey. Walk among towering Douglas fir beneath a canopy dense enough to keep out the rain, and spot bald eagles. Some highlights in Deception Pass State Park are the Hoypus Point Natural Forest, Heart Lake Natural Forest and the CCC Interpretive Center at Bowman Bay.  BBOnline is happy to show you around.

Deception Pass State Park
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Oak Harbor, Washington 98277
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The park has 35 miles of hiking trails and 1.5 miles of interpretive trails. Hike through lush forests to the seashore where you're likely to spot sea otters and orcas. The part of the park on Fidalgo Island offers the best beach hiking on Rosario Beach. This beach also has an underwater park. Whidbey Island has beautiful forests to hike through. Be careful, though, of wandering too close to the edge of the cliffs. Know where you're going. Get yourself a map of the area, because the trail network in Deception Pass State Park is extensive.

The Goose Rock Trail below the parking lot is an ideal hike for beginners. The two trails which lead to the summit of the glacial Goose Rock (the highest point on Whidbey Island), wind through old growth forests. Watch for the Madrone trees with their peeling orange bark. The Perimeter Trail, one of the trails to the summit, takes you along the beautiful shoreline.

From the top of the 475-foot-high Goose Rock, you can see Puget Sound, Mount Erie, Port Townsend and Victoria. Don't miss the amazing saltwater canyon in the park. Oceanic waterfalls rush through the canyon with the changing tide. It's a sight you'll relive many times during your stay at your cozy Anacortes Bed and Breakfast.

Boating  and Swimming

Boating is a popular activity in the park. Facilities include two docks, five saltwater boat launch ramps, 12 moorage floats and 11 mooring buoys. As for swimming, you have 300 feet of unguarded beach with a concession stand and bathhouse.

Kayaking Tours in Deception Pass State Park

The park is a great destination for kayaking. Anacortes Kayak Tours, which operates from the park, conducts kayak tours in the calm waters of Bowman Bay off Fidalgo Island. The beach from where the tours embark is lovely, shaded by old growth hemlock, cedar and fir trees; the coastline is enchanting. You'll probably see a lot of sea life like seals, sea stars, porpoises and maybe even orcas. No experience is necessary. It's a perfect 1.5-hour outing from your Anacortes Inn.