Check Out Aberdeen Museum & Other Local Attractions

Situated in the unforgettable city of Aberdeen in Washington State, the Aberdeen Museum is located just between the Pacific Ocean, the Olympic Peninsula and the Quinault Rain Forest. Visiting the museum is only part of a day trip that keeps you within 10 minutes to an hour away from your inn.

The Aberdeen Museum
111 East Third Street
Aberdeen, Washington 98520

The Aberdeen Museum was part of a gift to the city of Aberdeen by the Swanson Brothers, local supermarket entrepreneurs. The whole gift was the Aberdeen Armory, but it houses the museum on its large main floor. As part of the revered armory, the museum allows you to dig through Aberdeen's past with exhibits including one of the first Model-T Fords, old fire engines and a general store. Admission is free, but there are suggested donations of $5 for families, $2 for individuals and $1 for students.

The Polson Museum
1611 Riverside Avenue
Hoquiam, Washington 98550
(360) 533-5862

About 10 minutes from Aberdeen Museum is the Polson Museum. It is housed within the Arnold Polson family home. Both the home and grounds were gifted by the family to the city of Hoquiam in 1976. This 6,500 square foot mansion has a total of 26 rooms, but only 17 of them are used for exhibits, which display the home as if it had never aged past the 1920s. The grounds of the museum, located along the Hoquiam riverside, are available for picnicking. They are open to the public 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Wednesday through Saturday and Sunday 12:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. You can visit this museum while staying at your Aberdeen Inn.

Driftwood Players Inc
120 E 3rd Street
Aberdeen, Washington 98520
(360) 533-2659

Traveling up the riverside, not too far from your Aberdeen Bed and Breakfast, you can catch a local stage play from the Driftwood Players. The Driftwood Players have been around since 1959. However, the playhouse they currently reside in was not opened until 1981. Before that they held houses in Cohasset and Cosmopolis. These older playhouses were the answer to life on the road for performers. They became famous for melodramatic comedies like "The Drunkard and Lily the Felon's Daughter."

SouthShore Mall
1017 South Boone Street
Aberdeen, Washington 98520
(360) 538 - 0760

Featuring a 10-screen movie theatre with stadium seating and more than 30 specialty shops, the SouthShore Mall is an easy answer to shopping and entertainment. Public transit is available from the Aberdeen Museum. High speed Internet access, ATM and copy/fax services are just a few of the amenities available on site. The SouthShore Mall is open seven days a week.

Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge
100 Brown Farm Road
Olympia, WA 98516
(360) 753-9467

Following the river for an hour from Aberdeen Museum, the Bowerman Basin emerges as the fourth largest staging area for shorebirds in North America. A million shorebirds come to this spot to feed and rest on their way to farther north breeding grounds. The Grays Harbor National Wildlife Refuge, managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, is there to protect these birds. No boating is allowed within the refuge, but it opens daily during daylight hours.