Fairy Stone State Park and other Forests near Woolwine

In Virginia's southern plains lies Woolwine. This tiny township is renowned for its lazy streets and covered bridges. It delights all who visit, but just beyond the borders is Fairy Stone State Park and its sibling charmers. Those craving nature will finally be satisfied. The countless acres and hidden trails will make every day a perfect one. BBOnline encourages you to explore the wild and enjoy the wonder.

Fairy Stone Park
967 Fairystone Lake Drive
Stuart, Virginia
(276) 930-2424

After a languid morning at your Woolwine inn, spend the rest of the day searching for pixies. Fairy Stone Park, established in 1936, is drenched in history and enchantment. Named for the mysterious stone crosses that hang as stalactites, the park covers more than 160 acres. Long paths lead you through forests and valleys, around lake shores and reservations. Exploration will be an easy thing; the entire area is made for it. Children will adore the stories linked to the crosses. Local history and fables will collide. The park is open from dawn until dusk, but weather should always be checked before arrival. Some paths may be closed during storms.

Rock Castle Gorge
12500 Woolwine Highway
CC Camp Road
Woolwine, Virginia 24185
(276) 694-8367

Rising a slow 1,721 feet, the trail at Rock Castle Gorge takes visitors through 11 miles of unpredictable countryside. Plateaus and hills blend, allowing for more than a simple walk in the woods. It's a park for those who wish to test their limits, and all will find many chances to do so. Nature is now a challenge. It must be noted, though: groups with young children or individuals with health concerns should be aware of the trail's difficulty. A trip may become too strenuous. Plan well and decide whether it is best for all involved.

I. C. Dehart Park
2631 Charity Highway
Woolwine, Virginia 24185
(276) 930-2517

Journey from your Woolwine bed and breakfast to the gentle beauty of the I. C. Dehart Park. Named after Issac Dehart, this small sprawl is ideal for those seeking to play, offering picnic shelters, tennis courts, walking paths and more. Its focus turns to games rather than nature (though none could deny the picturesque setting). Families will spend idle hours here, and that finally includes the entire family. Pets are welcomed. Unlike so many areas that frown upon roaming dogs and cats, Dehart Park allows them to join in (as long as they are supervised). For those wishing to enjoy the wild without the worry, this is the perfect destination.

Rocky Knob Recreation Area
Rock Castle Road
Blue Ridge, Virginia 24120
(540) 593-3503

For diversity, there is none better than the Rocky Knob Recreation Area. Reaching from North Carolina and into Virginia, it offers guests more than 3,500 acres to explore. Seasoned hikers will thrill with the daring trails and uncompromising landscapes. Mountain biking and backpacking are the favored sports here, though kayaking and canoeing can also be found, as well as simple observation sites. The scenery is rugged and the hours will be satisfying. It is not, however, for all. These are not easy paths and should not be attempted without an understanding of physical limitations. Know what you can do and how long you can do it.