Colonial Williamsburg: Activities that Bring the Past Alive

The project of the Reverend Dr. W.A.R. Goodwin and John D. Rockefeller Jr., Colonial Williamsburg offers a unique window into our country's past. Williamsburg thing to do are numerous. This recreation of the original capital of Virginia is an attraction all in itself, and everywhere you turn the past comes alive in astonishing ways. BBonline offers some activities and destinations to make your stay at Williamsburg Bed and Breakfast a special one.

Colonial Williamsburg
101 Visitor Center Dr. Williamsburg, VA
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The Historic Area

The main attraction of Colonial Williamsburg is the historic city itself. Restored from the original buildings so important to early colonial America, the city is filled with history. The Historic Area includes 88 original 18th-century buildings spread over 300 acres. Many of these buildings are open to the public, although some are private residences or administrative offices. Sights include the Great Hopes Plantation, where you can see authentic rural farming as it was done in colonial times, historic trade shops, including a blacksmith, saddler, printer and brickmaker, and beautifully restored homes. One of these homes was the resting place of George Wythe, the first signer of the Declaration of Independence. Not wanting to lose any part of our historical heritage, even the animals of the Historic Area are the same ones that would have walked the streets 200 years ago, including horses, oxen and chickens. One of the newest buildings is the R. Charlton Coffeehouse, the only authentic 18th century coffee house in the United States.

Activities and Programs

In addition to the historical significance of the buildings themselves, Williamsburg offers numerous programs and special events. Revolutionary City is a family friendly dramatic program that teaches history by recreating it in the streets of Colonial Williamsburg. The vignettes cover events that would have occurred from 1774 to 1781, and sometimes involve the audience as well. African American Programs educate about the importance of African Americans to the culture and society of Colonial Virginia, and how they left an indelible mark on our nation. Other programs highlight famous figures of the period, as well as the arts, music and culture. Also featured in Colonial Williamsburg are walking tours, archaeology labs and a variety of kids' programs. Williamsburg offers plenty to do 365 days a year. In addition to the regular activities and programs, special events often occur around holidays, with Christmas and Veteran's day celebrations, special culinary exhibitions and celebrations of historic anniversaries.

DeWitt Wallace Decorative Arts Museum and Abby Aldrich Folk Art Museum

Last but not least, Colonial Williamsburg's two museums offer a fascinating insight into the life and culture of the Colonial period. Featuring exhibits on everything from colonial weapons to toys, these two museums are a treasure trove of artifacts from America's past. While the DeWitt Wallace Museum showcases British and American antiques from the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries, the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Museum has a beautiful collection of work from colonial and contemporary artists. The museums also have a store featuring art and souvenirs, and a cafe for your lunch stop. A great reason to get out of bed at your Williamsburg Inn.