Plan a Getaway Weekend to Steeles Tavern

The Steeles Tavern offers a chance to escape from the stress of city life. This laid-back town in Virginia is a great place to relax. The town is abundant in natural beauty and is a perfect weekend getaway. Following is BBOnline's take on spending a perfect weekend in Steeles Tavern.

Steeles Tavern Manor
P.O. Box 39, 30 Butler Circle
Steeles Tavern, Virginia 24476
(540) 377-6444

This manor in Steeles Tavern is a great place to stay during your weekend.  Get ready to be pampered, the Steeles Tavern style. This manor is situated on a 55-acre land and is luxury personified. Relax in the tranquil setting and go for a swim in the pool or the ponds or streams on the property. If you wish to go hiking then this is the place to be. This Steeles Tavern Inn has a romantic atmosphere and the staff will always be at your beck and call.

Osceola Restaurant
352 River Road
Steeles Tavern, Virginia 24476
(540) 377-6455

If you are in a mood for something fancy then head out to the Osceola Restaurant. This restaurant specializes in fine dining. The menu boasts a continental influence. It features the best steaks and world class veal in town. For the seafood fanatics, this restaurant will be a dream come true. They have a variety of option to choose from. The seafood is cooked to perfection. This place is loved by the locals and the food critics alike. The ambiance is soothing with natural beauty surrounding the restaurant. A great place to spend an evening in the company of good food and wine.

Sugar Tree Restaurant
Route 56,
Steeles Tavern, Virginia 24476
(800) 377-2197

Get ready to treat yourself to some true local cuisine and hospitality. During your weekend trip to Steeles Tavern you must stop at this restaurant for a meal. This restaurant in located in the mountains and has a very homely atmosphere. Ask for directions at your Steeles Tavern Inn. The food reflects the local culture. It is famous for its weekend candlelight dinners. Indulge in some fresh salad and home baked bread for starters. The main course and the dessert menu will tingle your tastes buds. It is a great place for vegetarians as well. The sparkling wine adds spunk to the romantic evening.

McCormick's Farm
128 McCormick Farm Circle
Steeles Tavern, Virginia 24476
(540) 377-2255

This farm is a tribute to Cyrus McCormick, who invented the reaper. This 1830s farm is the birthplace of the inventor. It has an area of 634 acres and now serves as an agricultural research facility. Five acres of this farm is now open to the public. The admission is free. It is a great place to set up family picnics. Soak in the scenery and take a look at the blacksmith's workshop. The farm also has a museum. The McCormick's Farm is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., and is worth visiting while staying at your Steeles Tavern Bed and Breakfast.