Staunton Restaurants: A Guide to Down-Home BBQ

When you think of Staunton Restaurants, you should think of Staunton BBQ places. The state of Virginia has its own twist on this classic American cuisine style by taking a little bit from the Texas and other Southwestern styles of BBQ. Virginia has much more to offer than regional specialties such as the country ham and Virginia style grits. BBOnline recommends visiting the following restaurants when looking for some great Virgina style BBQ: Hog Wild BBQ, Westside Grill and Texas Stakehouse & Saloon.

Hog Wild BBQ
906 Greenville Avenue
Staunton, Virginia 24401
Phone: (540) 886-8606

Don't let the Kline's Dairy store front fool you, because since 1997 this restaurant has been serving some of the tastiest down-home BBQ. The success of the Kline's Dairy Bar in the ice cream business allowed it to add the Hog Wild BBQ restaurant to provide a great mix of hot and cold foods. Hog Wild BBQ sells take-home BBQ by the pound, which is great to take back to your Staunton Inn to enjoy with the family and friends. The Wild Family Meal Deal is a great deal for large groups for just $28.00, offering plenty of BBQ meats, side dishes and buns. The Hog Wild BBQ also offers pork BBQ in either Southwestern and Carolina Vinegar Pepper styles, pork BBQ sandwiches, sandwiches and side dishes. This is one of the Staunton Restaurants that serves some tasty cold desserts.

Westside Grill
2314 W. Beverley St.

Staunton, Virginia 24401
(540) 885-7771

No need to look any further further than the Westside Grill to find down-home BBQ at affordable prices. With the average cost per person being about $11.00, and with slogan like "..where great food meets affordable prices," you know that this restaurant offers plenty of flavor at a great cost. Open daily from 8:00 a.m. to 7:30 p.m., offering a $7.00 breakfast buffet on Saturdays and Sundays, and offering a $9.00 lunch buffet on Sundays. The local favorite, BBQ meatloaf with 2 side dishes, is just $7.00 on Thursdays. Westside Grill offers great homemade cakes, including red velvet cake and carrot cake.

Texas Steakhouse & Saloon
134 Rowe Road
Staunton, Virginia 24401
Phone: (540) 885-6073

The Texas Steakhouse & Saloon brings a little piece of Texas to Staunton Restaurants, by mixing its authentic mesquite wood fire grills with the way of doing BBQ in Vriginia. The mesquite grills at the Texas Steakhouse & Saloon burn at more than 810 degrees F so that your order is cooked to a delicious crisp with a slight charred crust that locks in any meat's flavor. The mesquite grills also add a distinctive woodsy aroma that makes its customers keep coming back. When visiting, make sure to order the Baby Back Ribs Full Rack (about $18.00) for one tasty meal. A half rack (about $14.00) is also available. Each order of baby back ribs comes with the choice of one side dish, ranging from baked potatoes to breaded fried okra to mashed potatoes and various salads. This is one meal that requires a nap afterward at your Staunton Bed and Breakfast.