Visiting Sperryville: Travelers' 4 Favorite Experiences

Sperryville is a place that will cast a spell on you with its beautiful surroundings. Sperryville is situated at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains and is close to the Shenandoah National Park. Apart from its popular restaurants, there are some places worth experiencing firsthand. The experiences you have here will be memorable and will keep you coming back for more. BBOnline recommends the following as some of the best experiences in Sperryville.

Sharp Rock Vineyards
5 Sharp Rock Road
Sperryville, VA 22719
(540) 987-8020

Going on the Sharp Rock Wine Trail is an experience you should not miss out on. Sharp Rock Sperryville is a vineyard known for its hospitality extended towards visitors. This vineyard produces high quality wine and offers plenty of entertainment to its guests. You can set out on a self guided tour and enjoy the beautiful vistas. From picking the grapes to observing the wine making process, this place is truly a lot of fun. You can sample the various wines and also buy them at the outlets. Sharp Rock Vineyards is a family-run business and you can spend a relaxing afternoon here.

Rappahannock Horse Trail
3131 Slate Mills Road
Sperryville, VA 22740

Set out from your Sperryville Inn and make the most out of the Rappahannock Horse Trail. Start off your trip by visiting the stables and learning about the horses and how they are taken care of. Follow it up with a horseback ride though beautiful vistas. Enjoy the landscape as you saddle up and ride through mountain trails. Experience the thrill during the waterside strolls.

F. T. Baptist Church
3143 Slate Mills Road
Sperryville, VA 22740
(540) 923-5491

Virginia is known for its historically significant sites, and this is one of the popular places to visit. The place has a lot to offer in terms of culture and heritage. Similarly, Sperryville has several historic districts that are worth visiting. One of the prime examples of a historically significant structure is the F. T. Baptist Church. This church has been a part of Sperryville since the 1700s. This church was restored in 1964 and is a major attraction. The architecture is impressive and the landscaping comprised of beautiful gardens and ponds.

Waterpenny Farm
52 Waterpenny Lane
Sperryville, VA
(540) 987-8567

Sperryville offers its visitors a chance to understand the farm life and various aspects of farming. Waterpenny Farm is open to visitors and has several guided tours. You can set out on a tour that will take you through the vegetable farm, where you can pick pumpkins and pull out carrots. The apple orchard is another interesting place to go. You'll find acres of apple trees and the scene is truly amazing. Take a walk from your Sperryville Bed and Breakfast and explore this attraction. If you are traveling with children, visiting this farm will be an experience they will truly enjoy.