Cumberland State Forest is Ideal Fun for all near Powhatan

Located near Richmond Virginia, Powhatan exemplifies over 273 miles of senic landscape including Cumberland State Forest. There are several natural attractions that are located near your Powhatn County. Visitors can enjoy outdoor adventures without having to travel a long distance from lodging. Cumberland State Forest is one of the most well-known attractions new Powhatan.

The Woodlands
BBOnline recommends Cumberland State Forest for visitors staying in Powhatan County, Virginia. The grounds are open daily from dawn until dusk and admission is free. The forest is just a few miles from your favorite Powhatan bed and breakfast and provides a full day of activities for families visiting the area. The forest is approximately 16,233 acres and also functions as a natural conservation area. Multiple forms of wildlife dwell within the conservation as well as diverse plantlife. Some wildlife that can be seen within the grounds include deer, bobcats, a variety of birds, and wild turkey. While providing a great senic view, there are also numerous activities for adults and childrent to enjoy at Cumberland State Forest.

Activities to Enjoy

Cumberland State Forest offers a full list of features for visitors to enjoy during their stay at the Powhatan bed and breakfast. Cumberland features the well-known Cumberland Multi-use Trail, also called the CMT. The CMT is 14 miles long and connects the forest to a popular campground known as Bear Lake State Park. The forest also includes over 30 miles of trails for hiking as well as gated vehicle trails for convenient navigation. A picnic shelter is also available on the park grounds. Powhatan inn guests are also able to spend the day fishing or even hunting in the park with permits. Permits are available through the state park as well. During differnet times of the year there are gaming competitions also held. Because the land at Cumberland State Forest is so vast, available adventures extend beyond hiking and nature trails.

More Activities at Cumberland State Forest
Additional activities for park visitors include horseback riding and boating. Cumberland State Forest engulfs a total of four lakes. BBOnline recomends visiting Arrowhead, Oakhill, Winston, or Bonbrook Lake for canoeing and fishing. Various types of freshwater fish including bass, catfish and bream are housed within the lakes. Guests who are looking for additional outdoor experiences can also visit Bear Creek Lake State Park which is located inside Cumberland State Forest. Bear Creek Lake State Park provides abundant opportunities for experiencing the outdoors and interacting with natural habitats all within Cumberland's grounds.

Bear Creek Lake State Park at Cumberland State Forest
Bear Creek Lake State Park features a 40-acre lake for fishing and boating fans. A beach is also available for swimming, along with a picnic area and playgrounds for children. Visitors spending the day at Cumberland State Forest can enjoy a relaxing day at the beach before retiring to their Powhatan bed and breakfast for the evening. Guests looking for even more adventure will find that hunting is a popular activity at Bear Creek. Bordering the Willis River, the forest also provides trails for mountain biking and visiting historical markers such as the Oak Hill Cemetary and Charles Irving Thornton's epitaph.