What to See and Where to Eat on a Port Republic Road Trip

A Port Republic road trip is a unique and interesting type of vacation that many people really enjoy. There are lots of different things that you should see and eat while you're on your road trip. Port Republic road trips will make for an unforgettable and memorable vacation that everyone will thoroughly enjoy.

When going on a Port Republic road trip, one of the best and most convenient places for anyone to stay will be a Port Republic Bed and Breakfast. Port Republic is a small town which has remained virtually unchanged ever since the 1700s.

Port Republic Museum
At the intersection of Port Republic Road (Route 253) and Water Street.
Port Republic, VA 24471-0082

The museum gives you a useful insight to the historic village of Port Republic. It's part of a historic home and is a really interesting place to visit.

If you are visiting Port Republic then one of the best places to stay will be one of the many local Port Republic Bed and Breakfasts.

The Port Republic Museum is one of the best value attractions in town because it only costs $1 to enter. The museum itself is housed in a house built for Benjamin Franklin Kemper in the 1830s. There are many things included in this museum including the river room which tells the history of Port Republic and how it started out as a colonial river town as a settlement. It also goes into the growth of farms which surrounded the town in the 1700s. In its heyday Port Republic was a booming river port town and had a lot of industry, this museum also has a number of attractions showing this.

Interesting exhibits worth checking out include the battles of cross keys and Port Republic, the death of Ashby and the federal invasion of the village. The museum is open from Sundays 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. April through October. The museum is closed from November to March.

Taylor Made Herbs and Aromatherapy
13643 South Eastside Hwy
Port Republic, VA 24471
(540) 810-3936

Taylor Made Herbs and Aromatherapy is a shop and a popular tourist attraction. The company specialize in making a variety of skin care products all of which aren't only natural but are also completely organic. The ingredients are all natural which means they aren't full of nasty chemicals such as sodium laureth sulfates or other products.

Popular products offered by Taylor Made Natural Organic skin care include oils, sprays, creams and lotions. There are also a variety of baby products and ladies' skin care products. The company is against animal testing and will use alternative forms of testing.

They also have herbalist consultations so that you can discover the best treatments for a variety of conditions. Herbal treatments are extremely popular because they don't involve nasty chemicals.

There are plenty of other things to do on your road trip through Port Republic. Although Port Republic is a small town there is a lot of history here. There are also plenty of things that you should consider doing.

On your trip one of the best places to stay will be at a Port Republic Inn, these are all reasonably priced and make it possible to stay in comfort and warmth for the duration of your stay.