Colonial Historical Park & Other Fun Attractions near Poquoson

Discover Colonial Historical Park and other fantastic attractions near Poquoson, Virginia while staying in your comfortable Poquoson Inn. Poquoson is located on the Hampton Roads of Virginia and the Virginia Peninsula. It's a city of wealth and prosperity that offers both the citizens and visitors many things to do. Keep note of this helpful guide compiled by BBOnline when you visit Poquoson. It's a handy way of finding all the best places to go during your fabulous vacation.

Colonial National Historical Park
1368 Colonial Parkway
Williamsburg, VA 23081
(757) 898-2410

When you come to Colonial National Historical Park or simply Colonial Historical Park for short, you'll find many engaging things to see. There's plenty of wildlife and nature watching available. The park features the interesting Battlefield Tour roads and several other attractions such as The Revolutionary War and Colonial times.

One of the attractions you'll see is Jamestowne. This is the very site where the first settlers arrived to the new land. It's where John Smith and Pocahontas broke barriers between two cultures and the first Africans were brought to the Americas. Jamestowne is where you'll learn about America's history through guided walks, lectures and artifacts.

After you've explored Jamestowne's history, take a drive or walk over to Old Towne. Old Towne is the name of the fort built by settlers in 1607. The site is being excavated and over a million historical artifacts have been found.

New Towne was constructed as a replacement for Old Towne. This site is also being excavated by officials. They unearthed many artifacts of the time and learned a great deal about the settlers.

Visiting Colonial Historical Park isn't just an exciting day trip; it's an historical look into the past. All attractions are within the park and require at least an entire day for visiting. Bring your family to Colonial Historical Park and spend your day at each unique attraction. It'll give you something to talk about later on at your Poquoson Bed and Breakfast.

Poquoson Island Players
P.O. Box 2111
Poquoson, VA 23662
(757) 881-9797

Spend an evening laughing at entertaining comedy, immersed in drama or singing along with a terrific musical at Poquoson Island Players. This local theater provides entertainment and shows to guests looking for a bit of cultural and fun. Shows in the past included "South Pacific," "Oklahoma" and "Moon Over Buffalo."

Call for information on shows, tickets and directions. What a great way to enjoy your vacation in Poquoson.

Poquoson Museum
968 Poquoson Ave
Virginia Beach, VA 23662
(757) 868-6830

Poquoson Museum is another place to learn about Poquoson history near your Poquoson Inn. The museum was created in order to preserve Poquoson's history and heritage. Through donations and hard work, the museum now provides visitors, school children and the local public a look into the life of Poquoson's history and the things that affected the city.

Poquoson Museum has several historical buildings, a large farm, marsh lands and a natural area to explore. You'll see quilt work, pottery, paintings and weaving as well. Visit the museum on Saturday and Sundays only from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.