Lexington Things to Do: BBO's Top 6 Nature Tours

There are lots of Lexington Things to Do, but probably the most popular activity is to experience the wild and spectacular scenery through its nature tours.
You could always hire a professional guide to show you around from the Lexington Visitor Center & Tourism Offices, but you could do it all on your own if you have some hiking experience. All the nature trails below are close to Lexington.

Brushy Hill Preserve

This leisurely 6-mile walk through old logging areas can take 1 to 4 hours depending on your pace. The 600-acre watershed tract is the property of the City of Lexington. A densely wooded region, the preserve offers a variety of terrain, birds and vegetation. 

Chessie Nature Trail

Another leisurely hike, this trail takes about 2 hours to complete and covers a distance of 7 miles. Earlier, the trail used to be part of the former Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad. Even earlier than that, mules pulled barges along this path down the Maury River. You'll encounter steep sedimentary rock strata on the way. These rocks are hundreds of millions of years old and worth visiting from your Lexington Bed and Breakfast. You'll see plenty of wildflowers, a profusion of wineberries, wildlife and interesting limestone formations along the river. A must-see on your Lexington Things to Do list!

Goshen Pass

All kinds of people come to this well-known pass including climbers, hikers, boaters and picnickers. Carved out by the Maury River, this is the magnificent gorge where the river has its headwaters. A word of advice - avoid this walk when the waters levels are high.

Laurel Run Trail

This 3-mile (round trip) trail in Goshen Pass takes you along a lovely trout stream with beautiful waterfalls, rhododendron and mountain laurel on the way. The trail boasts some of the area's finest views. Note that this trail is used by hunters and the best time for a hike is when the trailhead is gated.

House Mountain

A moderate level hike of 1 hour, this wooded mountain trail goes up to the saddle of Big House Mountain and Little House Mountain. There are apple trees on the saddle and a shelter up the trail towards Big House Mountain.

However, the 45-minute climb up Big House Mountain is difficult. Remember to bring your own supply of water, as the area is wild and there's not much up here. The 100-foot cliffs at the end of the trail, on the northern end of the ridge, offer great views. Be careful of the sheer drop and don't venture too close to the edge. This is an exciting hike for your Lexington Things to Do.

Natural Bridge Cedar Creek Trail

You'll walk along scenic Cedar Creek which flows beneath the amazing Natural Bridge, one of the most well-known natural wonders in Virginia. There are many wonderful sights to see at the Natural Bridge, such as the 1,500-year-old Arborvitae tree and the Saltpeter Cave. You cross a footbridge to Hemlock Grove, bright with rhododendron, arbutus and wake robin flowers in the spring. Lost River, an underground stream, runs nearby.

Other flowers you can see on this trail are chicory, Lily of the Valley and columbine. This easy trail ends at Lace Waterfalls. You'll need permission to access the Natural Bridge, but it's a worthwhile trip from your Lexington Inn.