3 Lexington Minute Man National Park Must-Do's

Many tourists who are vacationing in Massachusetts will make a trip to the town of Lexington. It is known as the place where American liberty was born, and home to many excellent historic attractions that are related to the Revolutionary War, one of which is the Lexington Minute Man National Park.

The Lexington Minute Man National Park offers excellent opportunities for exploring historic sites as well as hiking and nature bonding. This wonderful park covers a total area of 967 acres, and it stretches from the western part of Lexington to the town of Concord. It is made up of 3 separate units of land, which include Battle Road, Wayside and North Bridge. BBOnline recommends these activities in the Lexington Minute Man National Park.

Exploring the Battle Trail
Massachusetts Avenue
Lexington, Massachusetts 02420

The best way to explore the Lexington Minute Man National Park is to hike the Battle Trail. This 5-mile trail runs through the entire length of the Battle Road unit of the park, and it will lead you to many historically significant sites where major events of the Revolutionary War occurred.

As you walk along this trail, you will feel like you've been transported back to the time when the war first began, and you will gain a better understanding of the impact of the war on the lives of people who were living in the area. Some of the well-known attractions that can be found along the trail are Fiske Hill, The Bluff, Parker's Revenge, Paul Revere's Capture Site, Captain William Smith House, the Hartwell Tavern, Bloody Angle, Brooks Hill and Meriam's Corner. There are also a number of side trails that follow the paths used by the Minute Men, and they run through forested areas, farm fields and wetlands.

The beginning point of the Battle Trail is located at the east entrance of the Lexington Minute Man National Park, near the Ebenezer Fisk House Site. If you are planning to drive there from your Lexington Bed and Breakfast, just go west on Massachusetts Avenue until you reach the park.

The Home of Authors
Lexington Road
Concord, Massachusetts 01742

Other than Revolutionary War attractions, you can also visit the Home of Authors in the Wayside unit of the Lexington Minute Man National Park, which is located in the Concord area. This splendid house served as the residence of 3 important literary figures during the 19th century, including Louisa May Alcott, Nathaniel Hawthorne and Margaret Sidney. To get to the Home of Authors from your Lexington Inn, keep driving on Massachusetts Avenue until it joins with Lexington Road. Lexington Road will take you directly to the house.

Visiting North Bridge
Monument Street
Concord, Massachusetts 01742

At the North Bridge section of the Lexington Minute Man National Park, you can visit the Old Manse, a house that was built by renowned writer Ralph Waldo Emerson's grandfather, as well as the North Bridge battle site and the Buttrick Mansion, home of colonial officer Major John Buttrick. At the North Bridge site, you will see the well-known Minute Man statue created by Daniel Chester French.