Hot Springs, VA and other Day Trips from Goshen

Hot Springs, VA is just one of the day trips you can make from Goshen. BBOnline points you to these curative natural springs and more.
Hot Springs
Warm Springs Valley
U.S. Route 220
Hot Springs, VA 24445

These warm curative springs in the valley of the Allegheny Highlands have been attracting the nation's elite since the days of Jefferson and Washington. The healing quality of the warm mineral water was discovered by American Indians. Apart from the baths, this area is a must-see for its remarkable scenery and unspoiled beauty. It's blessed with a pleasant climate, byways free of traffic (no traffic lights either!) and delightful hamlets. This is a verdant place. Ninety percent of "Bath County," as it is known, is forested and half of this region belongs to the George Washington National Forest.

Whether you're there in spring when the hillsides are ablaze with dogwood and redbud, or autumn when the foliage surpasses the beauty of spring, Hot Springs, VA is perfect for some tranquility and reinvigoration. The other two springs found in the Warm Springs Valley on the same route are Warm Springs and Healing Springs.

Meem's Bottom Covered Bridge

Wissler Road
Mount Jackson, Virginia 22842

This historic bridge is nestled at the foothills in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. It was built during the 1800s and its massive arch supports that extend 10 feet below the riverbed are a marvel to see. The picturesque bridge is still open to traffic and is a favorite haunt for lovers.

Staunton, Virginia

An old frontier town, Staunton, also known as the "City of Hills," has some stunning architecture. The downtown wharf area boasts the highest number of Victorian warehouses in Virginia and several historic buildings, some of which are restaurants. Downtown is also the cultural hub of this city. There's a Victorian ice-cream parlor at the train station, but the most popular attraction here is the birthplace of Woodrow Wilson which has a museum attached to it. Staunton is about 27 miles from Goshen. It's an easy day trip from your Goshen Bed and Breakfast.

Goshen Pass Natural Area Preserve
Route 39
Shenandoah Valley
Goshen, VA 24439

Many call Goshen Pass the "loveliest spot in Virginia." TV personality Willard Scott calls it "the most dramatic river/rock scenery east of the Mississippi." This 3.7-mile long gorge along the Maury River is a state preserve offering spectacular vistas and natural treasures such as rare plants, chestnut oak forests and pine-oak-heath woodlands. The area also has a hiking trail. The steep sides of the gorge with whitewater rapids rushing through are full of mountain laurel and rhododendron. A swinging bridge leads to the preserve where you can go swimming, tubing and canoeing. The pass is 5 miles from Goshen.

Lexington Historic Downtown
Washington Street
Lexington, VA 24450

If you'd like to do some quality shopping, eat freshly made chocolates downed with excellent roasted coffee and see some exquisite lovingly restored buildings, head to  Lexington's historic downtown. One of the sights to see here is the Lexington Presbyterian Church, styled by the reputed designer of the US Capitol's dome, Thomas U. Walter. Also downtown is The Rockbridge Historical Society which dates back to 1939. The society is housed in the historic Campbell House and is a delight for history buffs interested in discovering the past of Lexington and Rockbridge County. Lexington is about 14 miles from your Goshen Inn.