Get Out and Play: Goshen Parks and Recreation

In Virginia's northwestern corner sits Goshen. A weave of rivers and lush miles, this small town is meant for exploration. It’s a natural wonder and a natural distraction. Even its closeness to such locations as Lexington or Clifton Forge will not tempt families to stray. Instead they will stay and indulge in the many Goshen parks. BBOnline recommends finding adventure with every acre.

Goshen Pass
Route 39
Goshen, Virginia 24439
(540) 463-3777

Waiting just beyond your Goshen Inn is this spectacular gorge and trail system. Journey into perfect views and perfect mornings with the Goshen Pass. Carved along the Maury River, it offers miles of cliffs and water turns. Massive oaks and cedars straddle the bank; and paths will lead you into the forests beyond. Those seeking more relaxing hours will find this ideal. The gorge offers languid hiking, canoeing and wildlife watching. Families will be satisfied (and without the worry of too-challenging activities. This is for everyone, not only the athletic). The pass is open all year but is best enjoyed in summer. There is no admission fee and public parking is available.

Jump Mountain Trail
Jump Mountain Rd.
Rockbridge, Virginia 24473
(540) 463-3777

Found at the end of dirt roads and forgotten trails is Jump Mountain. Though it rests beyond the more famed Goshen parks, it is no less worthy. Almost six miles of hiking paths can be discovered here; each a lesson in patience and strength. This is not a destination for the timid. After crossing a swinging bridge, families will be met with high elevations and bold curves. Walking will be strenuous, but the reward will be great: the views are without equal. Virginia afternoons will please. It should be noted, however, that hunters do use this area during specified seasons. Caution is appropriate. Pets are also welcomed but must be supervised. Those will health concerns or a lack of hiking experience should be wary.

George Washington National Forest
Deerfield, Virginia 24432

After leaving your Goshen Bed and Breakfast, travel just beyond the borders of town to the George Washington National Forest. Reaching across a massive 1.8 million miles (from Virginia to Kentucky), it offers visitors a plethora of activities and unparalleled views. Climb, swim, picnic and more through protected forestry. Since its beginnings in 1918, this park has been carefully cultivated; with local creatures and blooms all deemed invaluable. Now guests can experience a world still safe from modern developments. It’s ideal for any vacation. The George Washington National Forest is best for families, especially those with young children. The variety of trails and lakes ensures that none will find this too difficult or too common. There is no admission charge but permits will be needed for certain activities: such as gathering fuel wood or using a special recreational vehicle. Plan well.

Goshen parks provide endless hours of charm and adventure. And, with these BBOnline suggested destinations, your family will find everything they need to create a memory.