5 Cute & Affordable Gordonsville Restaurants

You will find many cute and affordable Gordonsville restaurants in this small town in Virginia. Many travelers find this fact surprising, but Gordonsville really impresses with several nice places to eat. BBOnline recommends eating at one of these places while you're here in Gordonsville.

115 South Main Street
Gordonsville, Virginia 22942
(540) 832-0130‎

Pomme definitely stands out from the other Gordonsville restaurants with its perfect French cuisine and romantic atmosphere. The restaurant is situated right in the heart of Gordonsville and is a real must-visit. The decor is unique, the service is attentive and the prices, although higher than the town average, are still very affordable. Among the specialties that you should try are the brie appetizer and the classic French onion soup. Don't hesitate to order a bottle of fine Sauvignon Blanc to complement your main meal.

Toliver House
209 North Main Street
Gordonsville, Virginia 22942
(540) 832-0000

The Toliver House is a cute restaurant, having a wonderful farmhouse decor. The best thing about it is that all the meat and vegetables used for the meals here are delivered from local farms. You will notice a significant difference in the taste of your meal, exactly because all the ingredients are fresh. The service isn't great, but the food is delicious and the recipes are very original, so you should definitely visit here for a meal, when wondering where to eat near your Gordonsville Bed and Breakfast.

Gordonsville Deli
205 North Main Street
Gordonsville, Virginia 22942
(540) 832-3354

If you want to leave your Gordonsville inn for a quick snack, this little deli is the best place to visit. The restaurant is small and friendly. You can choose from a simple menu of sandwiches, paninis and salads. The portions are generous and the prices are really low. The locals are aware of that and the place is usually packed, but with a little patience you'll be able to find a table. Don't forget to try some of the delicious homemade cookies and brownies for dessert.

The Barbeque Exchange
102 Martinsburg Avenue
Gordonsville, Virginia 22942-9718
(540) 832-5249

The Barbeque Exchange prepares undoubtedly the best barbecue of all the Gordonsville restaurants. The place is quite simple, situated inside a small wooden house and having a little dining room, but somehow the staff manages to create a great atmosphere of friendliness and comfort. Enjoy some excellent slow-roasted and smoked pork, delicious cornbread and tasty pumpkin muffins. If you decide to order a sandwich, you will be pleasantly surprised by the generous amount of garnish added to the plate. You will definitely have a great time in here.

Inwood Restaurant
Rural Route 15
Gordonsville, Virginia 22942
(540) 832-3411‎

Located right outside Gordonsville, the Inwood is a pleasant country restaurant, run by a local family and offering nice steaks, sandwiches and salads. The interior needs a serious makeover, but the friendly attitude of the staff fully compensates for that. You shouldn't miss trying the delicious homemade desserts that they offer at this place.