The Galax Fiddlers Convention is Part of a Rich Musical Heritage

The swell of melody, the thrill of a crowd, the lazy fall of a Virginia afternoon: there can be no doubt that the Galax fiddlers convention defies all expectations; improving with age, instead of succumbing to it. Every August thousands flock to experience the sweet sounds and sweeter heritage of this uncommon treat. And BBOnline recommends that you join in the celebration. It is not to be ignored. It is not to be missed.

Discover the Past: Galax Fiddlers Convention

Begun in 1935 (with an intention to gather good friends, good music and a humble profit), the original convention was assembled by the local Moose Lodge. Members wished to promote their talents, as well as bring awareness to their organization. From this need, they crafted a small show in the spring and reaped an instant success. The public was enamored; so much so that another performance had to be given in autumn to meet the demand. It was this second show that brought the convention to its current location: Felts Park. And, with the exception of a respectful refusal during World War II, it has played there ever since.

Listen While you Learn: Galax Fiddlers Convention

Travel from the comforts of your Galax Inn to the sweeping hills and gentle charm of Felts Park. There you will be greeted with rows of tents and vendor flags, children chasing their favored bands from stage to stage and, of course, the happy competition of songs. It's a blur of music and playful chaos. And even those who lack the skills to pluck a fiddle string will still find much to enjoy. Dance, listen and be merry. It's the rare opportunity to hear these rare notes. Allow yourself the permission to indulge.

Remember the Practicalities: Galax Fiddlers Convention

Since your Galax Bed and Breakfast will certainly soothe you - making every decision a languid one, making every morning a pleasure - BBOnline does suggest planning ahead for the festival.

Old Fiddler's Convention
1114 East Stuart Drive
Galax, Virginia 24333-2514
(276) 236-8541

Note that the convention takes place each year between August 8 and August 15. It will not return for repeat performances. Also, all tickets must be purchased at the gate and early arrivals are encouraged to spare you the potentially long lines. Prices are reasonable (with Monday through Thursday costing only $6.00, Friday costing $10.00 and Saturday costing $12.00). And, while a grandstand does provide ample seating, guests should instead consider bringing their own chairs. An expansive lawn is available and can offer better views and spacious surroundings.

The Galax fiddlers convention may seem an unusual choice for travelers; but it is far more than its name implies. It is not simply an excuse for Appalachian music and merchant calls. It is instead a continuation of the traditions that helped to shape Virginia itself. By offering visitors the chance to hear these songs, to enjoy the heritage, it ensures that the values sung will live on. It's a tribute to the past and a promise to the future. And it will delight.