5 Route 52 Adventures from Fancy Gap

In Carroll County, Virginia along the gorgeous Blue Ridge Highlands mountainous area and Route 52, sits the delightful little town of Fancy Gap. Visitors enjoy the country atmosphere, as well as exploring the many trails. The following are five Route 52 adventures from Fancy Gap.

Blue Ridge Parkway

Guests from a Fancy Gap Bed and Breakfast should take a drive down the National Scenic Byway, the Blue Ridge Parkway, known as "America's Favorite Drive." This scenic National Parkway that is part of the Appalachian Mountains offers 469 miles of gorgeous views of cascading waters and lakes, beautiful foliage and magnificent cultural heritage. The Blue Ridge Parkway is gorgeous in October when the leaves turn to all different colors. Drivers need to watch the road though, and be careful of animals that might leap out in front of the car.

Devil's Den Nature Preserve
80 Cemetery Road
Fancy Gap, Virginia 24328
(276) 730-3100

To visit this 250-acre area of natural resources located in Fancy Gap, from the Blue Ridge Parkway, visitors should take a right onto U.S. Route 52. Then immediately after the overpass, follow the Old Appalachian Trail. Further on will be Cemetary Road. The entrance of Devil's Den is marked by 50-foot huge rocks. This old cave is on the edge of a mountain with a 30-foot drop to the bottom. It is a great place to visit while enjoying a stay at a Fancy Gap Inn.

Historic Sidna Allen Home
5935 Fancy Gap Highway
Fancy Gap, VA 24328

Try to take some time from your vacation to enjoy the Historic Sidna Allen Home. This Queen Anne style house was the home of a notorious member of the "Allen Gang," Sidna Allen, involved in the shooting of the County Courthouse back in 1912. Sidna and his wife designed the house, with Sidna actually assisting in its construction. They only got to live in it for a short time, however, as he was convicted not long after it was completed. This beautiful home was registered as a Historic Place in 1974. At the present time, it can only be viewed from the outside on Route 52, but is worth seeing if you are heading that way. 

Bluemont Presbyterian Rock Church
Blue Ridge Parkway, Mile Post 192
Fancy Gap, VA 24328

Just off of Route 52 rests the Bluemont Presbyterian Rock Church, worth viewing if you are passing that way. Tours are currently not available, but the locals and guests are welcomed to attend a church service on Sundays at 10:30 in the morning, with Sunday school beginning at 10:00 am. It is the largest of all of the six rock churches, an attraction for the area.

Peaceful Heart Alpacas Farm Store
1563 Misty Trail
(Milepost 204 on the Blue Ridge Parkway)
Fancy Gap, VA 24328

This magnificent farm adorned by creeks, along with a 100-year old house and store, is open to visitors all year round. Guests can visit the pastures of gentle and soft alpacas. The farm store offers local handmade items and others imported from Peru. Alpaca yarn can also be purchased. In addition, fiber art classes are available here.