Bridgewater Travel Guide to Outdoor Attractions

You might want to include these attractions on your Bridgewater travel itinerary. There are several great attractions located within 15 miles of the town. Here are BBOnline's recommendations.

Paul State Forest
Dayton, Virginia 22821

The Paul State Forest is located just 5 miles northwest of town and covers an area of 175 acres. It is used mainly for forestry and research, but is also a great place to visit from your Bridgewater Bed and Breakfast, especially if you want to escape from the local farmland scenery. This beautiful forest is home to many bird species, including woodpeckers, tanagers and warblers. It has a good number of nature trails, where you can hike and have a really wonderful time. If you want to spend a day filled with recreation, the Paul State Forest is the right place to go to.

Natural Chimneys Regional Park
94 Natural Chimneys Lane
Mount Solon, Virginia 22843
(540) 350-2510

The Natural Chimneys Regional Park is named after a number of interesting rock formations resembling chimneys, which are situated within its territory. This is a popular place that needs to be added to your Bridgewater travel plans. The chimneys are a major outdoor attraction that no one should miss seeing. In order to reach the park, you'll have to take a short trip of about 6 miles southwest of Bridgewater. The park has numerous trails perfect for hiking and biking. There is also a campground area, equipped with a swimming pool and a playground, where you can have a wonderful picnic and enjoy various leisure activities.

Grand Caverns
Grottoes, Virginia 24441
(540) 249-5705‎

You should definitely add the Grand Caverns to your Bridgewater travel itinerary, as they are a truly magnificent site to visit. This group of caverns was discovered in 1804 by a young local boy and was opened to public in 1806. The caves impress with their unusual shield formations and with all the stalactites and stalagmites inside. Guided tours through the caverns are available at reasonable prices. The guides are really helpful and explain a lot of interesting facts. The area around the caverns is adapted for tourists and equipped with a swimming pool, a mini-golf course and a picnic area. There are several hiking and biking trails nearby as well.

Lakeview Golf Club
Harrisonburg, Virginia 22801
(540) 434-8937

Many travelers choose to stay at a Bridgewater Inn just to take advantage of the nearby Lakeview Golf Club. This is undoubtedly the best maintained golf club in the whole Shenandoah Valley that has public accessibility. It is equipped with a 36-hole golf course suitable for golfers of all skill levels and ages. The holes are separated into four different nines, each of them standing out with its own specifics. You can choose to either take a 9-hole tour or a full 18-hole tour. Whatever it is, you will surely have a great golfing experience.