Explore Jefferson National Forest near Blacksburg

Jefferson National Forest can be found in the southwest area of Virginia, stretching across the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. It is about 690,000 acres and it is bounded by two national forests, the George Washington National Forest and the Cherokee National Forest. The different seasons give the forest a different coat of colors.  Springtime brings out multitude of colors from the spring blooms with white, red and pink dominating, winter creates a stark look, summer or dark greens while autumn is a coat of earth colors like gold, brown, orange and rust. Jefferson National Forest is one great place to go when you are in Blacksburg, an incorporated town in Montgomery County, Virginia.  BBOnline recommends these activities that you can do while you are in the forest. 

Jefferson National Forest
5162 Valleypointe Parkway
Roanoke, VA 24019
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Hike at the Mount Rogers National Recreation
Jefferson National Forest

Overall, the total hiking trails of Jefferson National Forest combined with George Washington National Forest is 2,000 miles.  The Mount Rogers National Recreation includes 60 miles of the world popular 330-mile Appalachian National Scenic Trail, 67 miles of the Virginia Highlands Horse Trail and 18 miles of Virginia Creeper National Recreation Trail. It is a perfect place to go backpacking, OHV or horseback riding. After a day of hiking you can return to the comfort of your Blacksburg Inn

Fishing at Blacksburg Ranger District
Jefferson National Forest

There are several places for both bait and fly fishing in the forest. The most common catches are native brook trout and rainbow trout which can be fished from over 500 miles of streams.  Fishing enthusiasts will have the chance to catch muskie at the New River while Pandapas Pond is supplied with bass, crappie, catfish and bluegill. Poverty, Craig, Big Stony and Dismal Creeks are well stocked with rainbow, brook and brown trout. 

Bird Watching at the Clinch Ranger District
Jefferson National Forest 

Many types of birds such as broad-winged hawks can be seen from the Watchable Wildlife Area of the Clinch Ranger District. During certain times of the year, you can also see the Louisiana waterthrush, American redstart, rose-breasted grosbeak, oven-bird. Bird enthusiasts will be entertained by the many different bird species that live in the Jefferson National Forest.

Ski at the Johns Creek Mountain Trail
Jefferson National Forest

The Johns Creek Mountain Trail is a 16-mile cross-country ski trail that gives out many scenic views of the mountains during wintertime.  It starts close to the Appalachian Trail and bends over peaks and ridges while passing through some interesting wildlife. Ski lovers will get both a combination of ski thrill and nature sceneries at this popular ski trail.

Scenic Driving on Big Walker Mountain Road
Jefferson National Forest

The Big Walker Mountain Road provides a scenic drive which takes you through green pastures, forested mountains and Civil War battlefields.  This road passes through 16.2 miles of the Jefferson National Forest, several different hiking trails and through the Big Walker Lookout.  From this lookout, you can see a view of several states. End this day with a relaxing sleep at your Blacksburg Bed and Breakfast.