5 Windsor Restaurants with Great Food & Drink

When visiting Vermont, you should not hesitate to come and dine at any of the Windsor restaurants in the county of Windsor. The town is pretty small but is filled and rich with American history. The town boasts of its virgin sceneries and its old-school government traditions. Here are BBOnline's choices of restaurants in Windsor with great food and drink.

1. Windsor Pub Station
27 Depot Ave
Windsor, VT
(802) 674-2052

When staying at a Windsor Inn, you definitely need to have your meals at the many Windsor restaurants in the area. One of these restaurants is the Windsor Pub Station. What is good about this restaurant is that it serves lunch, dinner and even has a pub plus a menu to delight your kids' appetites. If you are on a tight budget, the lunch combo deal is suitable for you at $10 for any half sandwich or wrap, a cup of soup, side salad and a soda.

2. Yummy Yummy Chinese Restaurant
74 Main Street
Windsor, VT 05089-1308
(802) 674-6888

If you are craving Chinese food while staying at a Windsor Bed and Breakfast then you might as well visit this one and only Chinese place in the vicinity. The restaurant is clean and serves good tasting dishes at a very affordable price. One of the recommended foods are the different egg rolls which costs for only $1.30 an order. Combination dishes with pork fried rice and an egg roll cost between $6.75 to $7.15 an order. The place is open every day.

3. The Windsor Diner
135 Main Street
Windsor, VT 05089
(802) 674-5555
[email protected]

When out in Vermont try dining at The Windsor Diner, one of the many Windsor restaurants that the town is proud of. The atmosphere is homey and clean. The food is  freshly made and prepared, with a distinct house-made flavor. Aside from that servings are in huge proportion and taste good. The diner offers an all-you-can-buffet every Friday night and even a Greek buffet night once every month.

4. Angkor Wat 
61 Pleasant Street
Woodstock, VT 05091-1129
(802) 457-9029

As its name implies, this restaurant offers exotic Asian cuisines that will delight your cravings for something unique and unusual. The restaurant offers an assortment of Cambodian and Thai dishes such as spring rolls, pad thai, pork egg foo yung, Khtleau (noodle soup), khmer curry chicken soup and many more. The cost of food ranges from $2.50 to as much as $12.99 for beef dishes. The foods served are guaranteed fresh and delicious, inside a clean and neat setting.

5. Mariam's Restaurant
70 Main Street
Windsor, VT 05089
(802) 674-2662

Mariam's restaurant offers African and American specialty dishes at very affordable rates. The restaurant has an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet every Friday and Saturday for only $8.95 starting at 11:30 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. The restaurant also offers a salad buffet for $7.95 or you can avail of both the salad and lunch buffet for only $10.45. The house specialties are the Curry Kuku, which is curried chicken breast with warm mango sauce for $9.95 or the Peanut Curry chicken for $8.95 and the Samaki, pan fried salmon at $9.95.