Shopping & Restaurants in Downtown Waterbury

Downtown Waterbury offers a wonderful experience to the visitors. Dive into the shopping scene at downtown Waterbury, and stop by at any of the restaurants for a quick meal. BBOnline recommends the following shopping and eating places in downtown Waterbury.

Stowe Street Emporium
23 Stowe St.
Waterbury, Vermont 05676
(802) 244-5321

Explore the shopping scene in downtown Waterbury by visiting the Stowe Street Emporium. This two-story shopping arcade is housed in a 19th century restored building and has a historic charm about it. The Emporium has merchandise that will interest visitors of all ages. You will be able to find products such as local Vermont artifacts and fabrics, as well as international goods. Ask for directions at your Waterbury Bed and Breakfast. It is open throughout the week from 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. This arcade is well known for its sportswear, souvenirs, cards and home décor items.

Bridgeside Books
29 Stowe St.
Waterbury, Vermont 05676
(802) 244-1441

Your downtown Waterbury trip would be incomplete without a visit to Bridgeside Books. This is a great place to pick up good reads, which will keep you company during your travels. For the book lovers, this place offers a wide selection of books, novels, magazines and comics. It has a wide selection of children's books as well. There is an entire section dedicated to books about Vermont and its history and culture. Discounts are offered on several books and make for a great buy. The working hours are not constant; inquire before you head out from your Waterbury Inn.

Tiny Acorn
70 S. Main St.
Waterbury, Vermont 05676
(802) 244-6663

The Tiny Acorn is the perfect shop to buy souvenirs. The store has a wide range of knickknacks that are a true reflection of the Vermont culture. This downtown Waterbury store is famous for its candies. You will be blown away by the different types of candies that you will find. If you wish to buy postcards, head straight to this store. They stack a collection of beautiful and unique postcards. The stuffed toys are another attraction at this store.

Hen of the Woods
92 Stowe St.
Waterbury, Vermont 05676-1116
(802) 244-7300

This is a gourmet restaurant located at the heart of downtown Waterbury. The restaurant specializes in quail dishes. The duck breast served with mushroom sauce makes for a great main course. The lobster in potato and cream sauce will be a treat for the seafood lovers. The ambiance is warm and romantic, with rocks and candles adorning the space. The restaurant has a waterfall at the back and makes for a picturesque dining experience.

Marsala Salsa

15 Stowe St.
Waterbury, Vermont 05676-1820
(802) 244-1150

Marsala Salsa offers you a culinary experience like no other. The chef has been trained in Mexican and Indian dishes, and this is reflected in the international menu. Enjoy authentic Mexican dishes like the nachos and burritos, and experiment with sirloin cooked in lime butter sauce. Do not miss the opportunity to taste the Indian dishes. The world-famous chicken tikka and chicken tandoori are the most popular dishes on the menu. The chicken is grilled to perfection and melts in your mouth.